What Does Martin Luther King Day mean to Me?

So today was MLK Jr Day.

Now, I know when people think of MLK Jr Day they think of racial integration and possible peace and things like that. Either that or they think about getting the day off. I don’t know.

You know what I think of when I think of MLK Jr Day? I think of The Mutiny the saga that introduced Lord Zedd to the Power Rangers universe. Why? Story time once again.

Lord Zedd = what potentially could have been the most bad-ass Villain in Power Rangers history. Damn Rita.

So I was in the seventh grade when I got into Power Rangers (this was when it was in the height of season two). By that time Tommy was the White Ranger, Rocky, Aisha and Adam had replaced Jason, Trini and Zack and Zedd was about to marry Rita.

So getting into the show so late in the second season I missed the eps where Tommy was the Green Ranger, Jason, Trini and Zack were still members of the team and they commanded Megazord (as opposed to the Thunder Megazord they had in season two).

So The Mutiny mini-series was really awesome and it really helped bring me up to speed on what was going on in the world of Power Rangers and I still think it stands out as being one of the most awesome story arcs they did on any of the Power Rangers shows.

Now what does this have to with toys? Nothing at all.

I just thought I would post a couple videos here because The Mutiny is the first thing I think about when I think about MLK Jr. Day/


So, for you viewing pleasure, here is the entire Mutiny arc. Enjoy and have a happy MLK Jr Day (what’s left of it anyway). And…yes. I know there are cooler things I can post about and that this is about as geeky as it can get. I don’t care though. Nostalgia is what it’s all about.


“I’ll be Bach and you can be Amadeus”

So I saw the pilot of The Sarah Jane Chronicles and I have to say I really like what I’m seeing so far.

I knew that it would be better than T3 (of course to me even Batman and Robin is better than T3) but I wasn’t sure it would be (almost) as good as the first two movies.

All around the acting is really solid, the production values are really good and the effects are surprisingly decent when you consider how horrible they could look with a TV budget as opposed to a movie budget.

Plus…Summer Glau as the Terminator = major awesomeness. I was kind of “eh” to the idea of the “Firefly chick” stepping into Arnie’s shoes but I think she’s a refreshing change.

My only complaint so far has to be against the random and forgettable actor they had as the T-800 (at least I think he was a T-800). What a boring and generic kind of Terminator. They should be looking more for guys like Batista from the WWE to play Terminators.

All around though I give it an A- (would have been a solid A or A+ if the villain wasn’t so lame) and I think it’s worth checking out (based on the excellence of the pilot anyway).

You want to know what’s fun about going to the Airport? Nothing.

So…yeah. We had all kinds of problems getting my sister to the airport today. (We also had issues picking up our friend George as well).

But…on the plus side, I did get the two new Marvel Legends 360 figures (Spidey and ‘Gobs respectively). While they still aren’t as good as the Toybiz Marvel Legends figures they’re still better than the standard 6” figures.


Gobs is total love though. I mean, where else are you going to see a Green Goblin figure this incredibly detailed?


Spidey’s cool too but not as cool as he could have been. All in all though these are pretty cool toys and they were late Christmas presents so I can’t really complain too much. Expect a more detailed review soon.