About “Sean-Man”

So who is Sean-Man? Sean-Man is the owner and editor of Transformers and other Plastic Crack. Sean is a “geek of all trades” as he is someone who enjoys most of the things your stereotypical geek enjoys such as comics, movies, videogames, action figures, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Highlander, the WWE and the original old-school Power Rangers. He’s even dabbled into stuff like Dungeons and Dragons but he doesn’t care much for people who like to LARP.

While he does enjoy sci-fi movies and TV shows, he finds “real science” to be boring and he can’t really get into sci-fi or fantasy novels (unless they’re the hilariously bad Star Wars tie-in novels or Star Trek TNG tie-ins).

Love him or hate him, Sean-Man will do his best to entertain and amuse the fans of his site and is always taking requests for reviews and is interested in feedback whether it’s great (“The Sean rules”) or is negative (this site stinks). Just send him a message or reply to his reviews to let him know how he’s doing!


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