15 Years of Power Rangers

So today is a huge anniversary/milestone for me. Fifteen years ago today I bought my very first Power Rangers action figure. And that figure, of course, was Auto-Morphin’ Tommy, the Green Ranger. Of course, since I don’t have that figure with me anymore (he is at my parents’ house) pictures of my other Tommy/Green Ranger figures will have to suffice. (click on images to see them in a new window where they aren’t stretched weird).

Tommy’s Best Ranger Powers

Two Tommy’s and a badass Zord. Hell of lot more badass than Three Men and a Baby

White Ranger. Fitting because the first full episode I saw was White Light where he makes his first appearance.

Mega-Tigerzord, the Megazord that started my love for PR Mecha

And of course you can’t celebrate 15 years of PR toys without showing Ultrazord.

I remember that day well, it was a Saturday and it was a week and a day before Christmas. I, as I’ve said many times before, was past the age where it was socially acceptable to be into Power Rangers (twelve going on thirteen) so I was a closet fan. I had seen the two-parter “White Light” earlier in the week and I got hooked. Those were the first two full episodes that I saw and it was love at first sight for me as PR really filled the void that I had after the G2 line was cancelled and there weren’t any other transforming robots to get into. I loved how the Tigerzord and the Red Dragon Thunderzord’s faces looked like G1 Autobots when they were in their robot modes and I thought Tommy’s White Ranger costume looked pretty awesome and I also liked how he got the super hot girlfriend Kimberly. Kimberly+cool zords + cool role model type guy with long hair and awesome costume = total win for me. So that weekend I decided I would start collecting the figures. Little did I know that one Auto ‘Morphin figure would turn into a 500 plus collection of PR figures 15 years later. So after Saturday bowling we went to the local variety store and I spent my allowance ($5) on Auto Morphin Tommy and that, as I said above, was the beginning of the PR era for me. As a collector it was one of the best times of my life but as a kid in junior high it could be tough at times being a closet fan and having to go along with the whole “Power Rangers are for pussies” thing. It got even tougher in high-school when I was REALLY past the point that kind of thing was socially exceptable. Now though I don’t care, I’ll admit to being a fan of the original series and a collector of the mecha and all that. I guess you either get iron balls as you get older or you just develop an “I don’t give a damn attitude overall. I don’t know. What’s funny though is the same people who probably would have given me shit when I was younger and called me a Power Rangers fag or something are like “that’s cool, I remember that show” now.

But anyway, let’s just take a look at the Green Ranger and celebrate the good old days of MMPR, the Golden Era of Power Rangers before it was ruined by the shitty spinoffs and off-shoots like all of the series following In Space.

And I couldn’t think of a more fitting end to this article than this video of Tommy’s glory days of being the Green and White Ranger. There’s some good shots of Kimberly in hot outfits too so that’s a plus.

Thanks for all the memories PR. You are loved (old school MMPR anyway)


Random Thought

So a friend/fellow awesome toy reviewer posted this picture on his website earlier:

My question is this: Why couldn’t Megatron have been upgraded into this instead of a Tank? It seems to me that something like this would have made more sense for G2 than a tank or the weird Nerf gun he was turned into in the Classics line. This makes me feel old as I can vaguely remember when you could buy a toy uzi or other gun in the 80s and they would actually be black and look just like real guns. The urban legend is that toy companies changed the colors to colors that would make the toy guns look more like toy guns because people were using toy guns to hold up banks and stuff like that. As I said, sounds like an Urban Legend in my book but there’s probably validity in there somewhere.