Dredd 3D Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my review of Dredd (2012) with spoilers. While it still isn’t as accurate as fans of the UK comic would like it to be, it’s a great action movie nonetheless and worth your time and $6


V-Log 09-21-2012: Dredd 3D Review (Spoiler Free)

So here’s my review of Dredd (2013). As usual, the “spoiler-heavy” review is on the way!

V-Log 09/14/2012: Resident Evil: Retribution Review (Spoiler Free)

So here’s my review of Resident Evil: Retribution. As always the spoiler-heavy version is being uploaded to Blip and will be on the site shortly.

V-Log 09/07/2012: Review of “The Words’ with Some Spoilers

So I saw The Words a little earlier today and thought I would give you my review. Usually I do two reviews per movie I see (so you have your choice between a spoiler-free version and a spoiler-heavy version) but this was a damn-near impossible movie to talk about without getting into some spoilers regarding the story. You might want to skip ahead to 2:28 if spoilers aren’t your thing and I give a warning about them near the end of the review as well.

Once again I find myself pimping the Facebook Page for this site.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again, I made a Facebook page for this site a while back and I’ve been promoting it here and there but figured it wouldn’t hurt to promote it some more. So here’s the link to the site and also…

…the commercial for the Facebook page