News on Upcoming Reviews

Hello everyone in Crackland, below is a video giving some details on upcoming Transformers related video reviews. Expect to see a review of Metroplex, (maybe) Trypticon, (US) Masterpiece Hot Rod/Rodimus, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus as well as a couple of my favorite playsets (the Power Rangers Command Center, the GI Joe “Pit” and others) and a couple holy grail figures that I’ve gotten requests for, one being Medicom Spider-Man and the other being a surprise (all I can say is that the figure is HUGE and is the most-viewed thing on this site).


Megazord! Megazord! My God it’s the Megazord!

As you may or may not have noticed, I am indeed a Power Ranger fan (and yes, I do know that puts me on the lower levels of geekdom). Don’t get me wrong though, I do realize how cheesy the show can be so I don’t take it too seriously.

I’m not one of those kinds of diehards that’s “seen every incarnation of the series and has never missed an episode.” I followed the series from the second season of MMPR until the second season of Lost Galaxy (the worst incarnation of the Power Rangers) and then I pretty much retired until I found out that Tommy (the original Green and White Ranger) was going to return to action in Dino Thunder.

I still watch Power Rangers if they have a theme or set of Megazords I find interesting but no, I don’t watch every incarnation of it anymore. It just doesn’t have that campy sense of fun anymore where you know the writers/producers/actors aren’t trying to take it too seriously and I really missed that camp after the writers tried to make it into an angsty, melodramatic, sci-fi superhero serious around the time In Space made it’s debut (In Space is another awful and overrated incarnation of the Power Rangers in my opinion).

But I digress. I, as I stated above, am not a major diehard PR fan but I will watch a series if I like the themes and/or the suit designs and Megazords. And this year’s Power Rangers are looking pretty awesome so far. The newest incarnation of the Power Rangers is called “Jungle Fury” and it’s going to be making its debut tomorrow night. The toys that have been released for the series really caught my attention and it got me interested in PR again for the first time in four years or so. So the other day I decided to pick up the Jungle Fury Megazord and I’m pretty happy with him so far.


Expect a review sometime down the road along with a couple of reviews of other toys I’ve been meaning to review. And for all you Transformers fans out there…don’t worry. I still have more transformers stuff to review. The next review, as a matter of fact, is a toy I consider my “holy grail” from the movie line.

You want to know what’s fun about going to the Airport? Nothing.

So…yeah. We had all kinds of problems getting my sister to the airport today. (We also had issues picking up our friend George as well).

But…on the plus side, I did get the two new Marvel Legends 360 figures (Spidey and ‘Gobs respectively). While they still aren’t as good as the Toybiz Marvel Legends figures they’re still better than the standard 6” figures.


Gobs is total love though. I mean, where else are you going to see a Green Goblin figure this incredibly detailed?


Spidey’s cool too but not as cool as he could have been. All in all though these are pretty cool toys and they were late Christmas presents so I can’t really complain too much. Expect a more detailed review soon.



Back in ’08 with New Reviews and More Plastic Crack!!!

So I’m sure the one or two of you who check this site regularly are probably wondering if I died or did indeed decide to quit reviewing the “plastic crack.”

As you can clearly see neither one of those assumptions is accurate at this time.

What happened was my parents borrowed the digital camera for a couple of months so I have been without the critical tool I need to review toys. I have the camera back now though and I will hopefully be able to borrow it for the next couple of months so expect more reviews in ’08, my first being the Medicom Spider-Man figure that came out a couple of years ago. Now, I know what you’re saying…”I’ve already read a ton of reviews about Medicom Spider-Man!”

That may be true but this review promises to discuss a rather controversial issue with the figure that other reviewers are often hesitant to tackle. Needless to say it’s an issue that really needs to be discussed more often as it really could make or break the decision for potential buyers to buy our Mr. Parker here.

Also expect a Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 12” Jack Sparrow review as well as a review of Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream.


(Click on the picture above to see it larger and in a better resolution)

Ah, I love procrastination…

So I’m sure you may have noticed I haven’t updated in a while. As I’ve said before, I’m obviously not dead nor have I abandoned this blog. I’ve just been busy with my day job.

At any rate, I have A LOT of crack to review. I, as I’ve said many times before, need to get the reviews of Energon Scorponok and Shockwave posted. I also need to review some of the latest crack that I’ve acquired. So be on the lookout for reviews of…

G1 Redeco Jazz

Alternators Prowl

Revoltech Ultra Magnus

Redeco Starscream and…

This fucking guy…


Yeah, he has the same awful issues that War Within Prime had (plus a new issue with his legs not really locking tight into place) but I really don’t care. He has to be one of the coolest looking transformer figures ever.



As I’ve said before, there’s nothing more awesome than a figure with the Prime designs and the white/blue color scheme. I, as I’ve also said before, love Prime way more than I’ll ever love Magnus but I still think that UM’s White Prime colors make him look cooler than even Optimus himself. As always, click on the smaller pics here to see them larger and in a better resolution.

Preview of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review

I fucking love this toy.


Hands down one of the best pieces of plastic crack I’ve bought in a while. I’d like to get into more detail but it’s late and I’ve already been nagged to go to bed. So yeah. Enjoy this pic and be sure to read the full and more detailed review when it’s (hopefully) completed this weekend. That is all. (If you click on the pictures you’ll get to see them in their full resolution).