About Transformers and other Plastic Crack

Action figures are like crack to geeky collectors like myself and there are people out there who shell out hundreds of $$$ for their hobby. And if you’re like me I’m sure you often feel frustrated that so many high-end toys suck compared to the prototype pictures. So I thought Wouldn’t it be great to find a review site created by an average guy who will give it to me straight so I don’t waste my dough on sh*t that sucks? And that’s how this blog site came into creation. There are a couple of good review sites out there (Seibertron is pretty awesome) but the majority of the other review sites are overrated or just sh*t. My goal? To rise above the sh*t.

While this site does focus mostly on Transformers and other action figure franchises, this site is also for anyone who loves geeky videogames, comics,  movies and TV shows and looks to be a “geek of all trades” review site kind of like The Spoony Experiment but with less Burton the Robot and Dr. Insano and more Alberto Martino the Cat and Jimmy-Joe Johnson (and Jack the Werewolf). So sit back, relax, grab a cold one and watch as I either praise or rip toys/comics/movies apart.


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