So The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and gallery are up. They aren’t finished, but they are available to check out

So I’ve finished my Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review and I didn’t finish the review, if that makes any sense. I’ve written everything I wanted to write about the figure but I, thanks to the shitty technical errors I’ve been getting from Yahoo Geocities, didn’t get to post all of the pictures I wanted to post.


My review, in other words, is done, but it’s not done because I still want to put some pictures of Masterpiece Prime with Masterpiece Megatron in the review and I haven’t been able to do that. The written review and the pics of Ultra Magnus with movie Prime are ready to be viewed though so you can check that out here. So the review is ready to be viewed but it’s still a work in progress because the Megatron pics with Magnus aren’t uploaded to the review yet. I’ll try and post a link to the finished review sometime tomorrow when I get home from work so you’ll be able to see it with the pics of Masterpiece Megatron.

I fucking hate Yahoo Geocities. If anything sucks ass it’s Yahoo Geocities.


This is the most hilarious video ever…

I have to say this video is hilarious.

A re-edit of scenes from “The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2” re-dubbed excellently. I really love this because Optimus basically says what us fans have been thinking for years. The characters from the movie (with the exception of Kup, Springer, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus Wreck-Gar and Galvatron) just really suck ass compared to the classic characters from seasons one and two and this basically sums up why they were so lame perfectly .

Fort (Brave) Max review is up

Just click here to check it out.


I’m kind of pissed off though because I, once again, didn’t get to post a couple of pictures that I wanted to post thanks to Yahoo Geocities sucking ass. Shit. I really need to get a new website provider. If you know of any decent websites that offer a pagebuilder (I suck at HTML) let me know.


Let’s pause for a moment…

…And give kudos to the most unintentionally hilarious Drive-In movie sign of all-time.


Think about it for a minute (if you don’t get it right away). I saw this beauty on the way home from work the other night and I just had to take the picture. Unintentional hilarity at its finest. The thing that makes it even more of a classic is that the movie in question is about two firefighters who are pretending to be gay.

Preview of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review

I fucking love this toy.


Hands down one of the best pieces of plastic crack I’ve bought in a while. I’d like to get into more detail but it’s late and I’ve already been nagged to go to bed. So yeah. Enjoy this pic and be sure to read the full and more detailed review when it’s (hopefully) completed this weekend. That is all. (If you click on the pictures you’ll get to see them in their full resolution).



Preview of Fortress Maximus (Brave Maximus) Review

So last night (I suppose I should say it was two nights ago since I’m writing this a little after midnight) was Holy Grail night for the Sean-Man. Why? My Brave Maximus (the 2001 Fortress Maximus reissue) was delivered by UPS so it was ready for me to check out when I came home from work.bmaxfiller.jpg

Fortress Maximus (Brave Maximus in Japan), as you may or may not know, is the most sought after G1 Transformer toy of all-time. He is the rarest and most expensive figure out there. He’s not the most popular Transformers character but his toy is worth far more than the greats like Optimus Prime or Megatron. If you’re lucky you could probably find a good G1 Optimus Prime or G1 Megatron for $150 (or less) on eBay. Fortress Maximus though? Sellers charge over $1,000 even if he’s in shitty condition and missing parts. He is the tallest Transformer (he’s 22” in height) and he was the most expensive figure until Masterpiece Prime and Ultimate Bumblebee were released (He was $89.99 in 1987 so that’s like buying a $200 Transformer now).

Fortress Maximus made his first and only appearance in The Rebirth Part 3, the final episode of the American G1 series. He was also featured in The Headmasters, a Japanese exclusive Transformers cartoon a year later. He made his way back to American screens in the Transformers series Robots in Disguise. He had a new color scheme (Blue, black, and red as opposed to his grey and blue G1 colors) and a slightly different backstory. To celebrate the return of the character, Takara (the company that makes the Transformers toys in Japan that Hasbro retools to an extent for US release) brought out a reissue of the original toy. The reissue was identical to the original figure and it was made from the same mold but the color scheme was different and it didn’t come with some of the weapons the original Fort Max had. This reissue, unfortunately, did not come to the states along with the other RID figures so it was considered a “Japan exclusive.”

Brave Max, like Fort Max before him, is becoming quite rare and his price is really escalating on eBay. After losing out on a chance to buy Fortress Maximus at a decent price I caved in and bought Brave Max here. I was put off by the red, blue and black reissue colors initially but I have to say they’re really growing on me now. I really love this toy and I’m going to give it a longer and more detailed review sometime this weekend hopefully so be on the lookout for that.


So I’ve got a shitload of new stuff to review

Last night I got Brave Max (the 2001 Japanese Fortress Maximus reissue) via UPS and today I received Energon Shockblast (Shockwave with a new name for legal reasons) Armada Scorponok, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and another Classics Megatron. I want to review Brave Maximus, MP Ultra Magnus, Energon Shockblast and Armada Scorponok in the not-too-distant future so I guess I have my work cut out for me this weekend, eh? Shit. I just have too many things to do these days. So many toys, so little time to review them.

E-Hobby Galvatron Full Review

So I finished my E-Hobby Galvatron review. You can find it here. I’m kind of pissed off though because I took sixty photos but I could only post thirty-four or so. I don’t know if the other picture files I tried to upload were corrupted or not. I’m definitely going to be writing an e-mail to the Geocities crew because I pay for my webspace so the shit should work.

Overall E-Hobby Galvatron is an awesome figure and a must have if you love Galvatron and the G1 re-releases.opsgalvplaceholder.jpg You can find him at an affordable price now on eBay so now is the time to get this guy.

E-Hobby Galvatron (Basic Review)

Fuck Yeah! I finally got my E-Hobby Galvatron in the mail today. Galvatron, as I’m sure most of you don’t know, is one of my all-time favorite G1 characters as well as my favorite Decepticon of all-time (next to Megatron anyway).

The original Galvatron figure, as I’m sure most of you know, was originally released in a grey/blue color scheme in spite of the fact that he was dark purple in the movie and TV series. Takara redeemed themselves for their mistake a year or so ago when they released the E-Hobby Purple Galvatron re-release.galvsplaceholder.jpg

I have to say I’m really lovin’ this figure so far He’s going to make such an awesome display piece. Expect a more detailed review sometime later on today as well as a link to my site where I’ll post a lot of pictures of this guy.

So the Ultimate Bumblebee review is up…

So the more detailed Ultimate Bumblebee review is up, as promised. You can read it by clicking on this link. There are a hell of a lot of pictures in the review though so you might want to make sure you’re viewing this shit on a high speed connection and not your grandma’s dial-up.lightsfiller.jpg