“I’ll be Bach and you can be Amadeus”

So I saw the pilot of The Sarah Jane Chronicles and I have to say I really like what I’m seeing so far.

I knew that it would be better than T3 (of course to me even Batman and Robin is better than T3) but I wasn’t sure it would be (almost) as good as the first two movies.

All around the acting is really solid, the production values are really good and the effects are surprisingly decent when you consider how horrible they could look with a TV budget as opposed to a movie budget.

Plus…Summer Glau as the Terminator = major awesomeness. I was kind of “eh” to the idea of the “Firefly chick” stepping into Arnie’s shoes but I think she’s a refreshing change.

My only complaint so far has to be against the random and forgettable actor they had as the T-800 (at least I think he was a T-800). What a boring and generic kind of Terminator. They should be looking more for guys like Batista from the WWE to play Terminators.

All around though I give it an A- (would have been a solid A or A+ if the villain wasn’t so lame) and I think it’s worth checking out (based on the excellence of the pilot anyway).


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