Movie 1 Leader Prime Pics

So here’s a couple of Leader Prime pics that I hope will also be a part of the future post I alluded to earlier. Leader Prime, like Premium Leader Megatron, is not only one of the best toys from the movie line but one of the best Transformer toys of all-time in my opinion. One day I would like to get the Leader Prime from the new movie as he looks like he’s even better than Movie Prime 1.





Once again, click on the pictures to see larger versions of the pics.


Preview of Premium Leader Megatron Gallery

After realizing that most of the toys in the Revenge of the Fallen line aren’t worth buying I thought about how controversial the toyline from the first movie was and how people either really loved it or hated it. This got me thinking about the toys I actually liked from the line and it gave me an idea for a post I would like to work on for this site in the near future.*

Needless to say, Premium Leader Megatron will play a major role in this post if I work on it.

Premium Leader Megatron is not only one of my favorite toys from that line but I honestly think he’s one of my favorite Transformers figures ever and I know that’s blasphemous to those of you G1 purists who hate the Bayformers line.

I originally hated First Movie Megatron’s design when I saw the concept pictures and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to be a handgun or a tank. I hated everything about the design and that didn’t change when I saw the movie. After I saw the movie I hated the way he was portrayed just as much as I hated the design. I loved G1 (and Beast Wars) Megatron because he was intelligent as well as powerful and that made him a major threat. Bayformers Megatron just seemed like a stupid indestructible warrior that was like “Me Megatron smash Prime!!!” Over time though and repeated DVD and Blu-Ray viewings, I really started to like the design more and more and I also liked the more vicious and brutish take on the character. Now I think the design is great and is one of the coolest Transformers designs ever. After I really started to fall in love with the design I deciced I wanted Leader Megatron. The only problem was Leader Megatron was given these lame-ass white and purple colors that he didn’t have in the movie. So I decided to go to and pick me up the Premium version and I have to say if you actually love the movie designs, Premium Megatron is the shit. Seriously. I mean, the level of detail is awesome. It’s almost to the Jin Saotome level of quality and detail. So I have decided to devote an entire gallery to him on my personal website sometime soon. For now though I will post a couple of the pictures here so you have a preview of what to expect from that gallery. As always, you will have to click on the pictures to see the full-sized version.

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megs thing of beauty

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

And this is just two or three of twenty or so pictures I took that I will put in a gallery on my other website eventually. So until I have that gallery up, check out these pics here.

*I will get to that review if I can find the time in the near future but that doesn’t always work the way I want it too.