Sideswipe mini-review (or) (Returning Characters Save me Money)

So I, as I said before, am back with some reviews and mini-reviews of the plastic crack we all know and love (or loathe if you hate the Transformers movie line).

When the ROTF toyline was released I was really excited and I ran to my TRU to…not buy anything. Why? Well, here’s the deal: if you loved the Autobots from the first movie and you bought the figures, you really, with the exception of Leader Prime, don’t need to buy the new figures. Why? You would simply be buying repaints and inferior ones at that as far as characters like Ironhide are concerned. There’s nothing really new here. I mean, Bumblebee got a new head sculpt and some weapons and Ironhide got new weapons as well but if you already have the Concept Camaro mold of Bumblebee and the “Premium” Camaro mold as well as the “Stealh Bumblebee” mold from the first movie do you really need another Bumblebee just to get some weapons? Fuck no.

And it’s the same with Ironhide. I like the new weapons, they’re pretty sweet and all, but I’m not going to pay $20+ just for some new weapons. And let’s face it, that’s all you’re going to get with the new Ironhide figure as the paint job from the original movie Ironhide is actually more accurate to his ROTF movie appearance. Why they gave the figure an ugly grey paint job with wierd NEST symbols that actually weren’t on his doors in the movie is beyond me.

“So what about the new characters?” You may ask. Well, here’s the thing about those characters: the new characters, as far as the Decepticons are concerned anyway, suck. I actually really didn’t like Devastator. To me he looked more like a Demonic Megazord than Devastator. So that’s a definite “skip”, especially when you consider he’s $89+ and he’s actually not as big as Fort Max (even though Hasbro claimed he would be). The only Decepticons that are, in my opinion, worth buying, are Leader Megatron (though I would recommend holding out for a “premium” version if Hasbro is indeed going to do one) and Voyager Long Haul (the Green hulking dude who turns into Devastatorzord’s right leg at the end of the movie).

So what about the new Autobots then? Well, I might actually get Jetfire down the line. Though he was pretty cheesy in the new movie, the toy is pretty awesome. I’m also interested in getting Arcee and her “sisters” sometime as well. And, I went ahead and bought Sideswipe. And that brings us to the mini-review of Sideswipe:


Sideswipe is actually a pretty cool figure. I really like the detail and the paint scheme. The silver colors are almost as nice as the colors from the premium figures from the first movie.


(You will, of course, have to click on the picture to see the full-sized version)

The articulation is also pretty awesome though I don’t want to get too far in depth if I do a more detailed review sometime down the line.

cool sideswiper1

His “wings” are pretty cool and I dig the “door swords” as well.


The details in his face are really incredible as well. These pictures don’t really do it justice.

Now the alt mode, on the other hand, is pretty lame. I liked the way the car looked in the movie but the toy version just looks too cartoonish and it doesn’t fit in well with the more realistic and detailed alt modes for characters like Prime and Ironhide. I will, of course, take some pictures of the alt mode sometime down the line if I do a more detailed review.

Now there is also a “Human Alliance” Sideswipe that looks pretty cool and is Alternator size but I won’t be buying it. Why? I bought the Deluxe Sideswipe before I actually saw the movie so once I saw the movie and realized he ony actually got like two lines, I decided one Sideswipe figure would be enough.

So there you have it, that’s kind of my take on the ROTF line in general. There are a couple of new characters here and there that are worth buying but the original characters from the first movie really aren’t worth a purchase if you have the toys from the first movie already. Leader Prime and Megatron are worth buying because the new Leader Prime apparently is an incredible “remold” that is more movie accurate and Megatron is a must (if you actually like the movie version of the character anyway) because has a new vehicle form but the other figures are pretty much the molds from the first movie and really aren’t anything special.


First New Review (sort of)

So I thought I’d do a review of the new Wolverine videogame but I think Angry Joe pretty much up summed up my thoughts perfectly:

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And it’s not just the repetitive jungle missions that make this game unworthy of a $60 purchase.  The thing that really makes this game a piece of shit is the total and utter lack of replay value. I’ll elaborate:

First of all this game pretty much FORCES you to use a strategy guide. Why? The villains in this game will ass rape you unless you max out Wolvie’s powers and abilities.  The levels are so vast and there as so many puzzles in each level that you’ll HAVE to use some kind of guide to find everything and you, as I said before, HAVE to get everything if you want to beat the game. But guess what? You start a new game and everything starts over. EVERYTHING. You don’t get to replay the game with all the awesome abilities and powers you had before. So you have to play through the game and do all the stupid side missions and use a fucking strategy guide again. And the levels and side-missions are so long and boring that it’s just not worth it.

So bottom line, if you have a couple of days to kill and you can get a five day rental, rent the game, it’s fun. If you buy this though you may as well just get a Craig’s List hooker for the same amount. Sure you might get VD or Crabs, but it’d be more fun than the side quests and jungle missions.