…Never Mind…

Right after I posted my last entry I went back to BBTS and it appears they do have more Dark Knight Hot Toys figures available for pre-order again.

It’s great to look like a jackass sometimes. Oh well though, my opinion of the quality of the figure still stands and I was going to post those pics sometime anyway…but still. Way to steal my thunder BBTS.


Don’t ever say I never did anything nice for you…

Was anyone here in a situation where they were looking for the Hot Toys Dark Knight figure (in the new costume from TDK) and were crushed to learn the pre-order’s sold out at BBTS? That happened to me recently.

That was pretty crushing to see that it sold out at BBTS because the only other places you can go to find one is eBay or Action HQ (and Action HQ ships from Hong Kong if I recall correctly). eBay’s not too bad but you’re still faced with the same shitty problem that you’d have with Action HQ: Most of the sellers are from China or Japan.

As I’m sure the goody-two-shoes Adam West era Batman would say, “Never fear!” CornerStore Comics has the Hot Toys figures up for pre-order now.

It’s a pricey bit of crack but it’s soooo worth it.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. “You should know better than anyone that the prototypes usually look a million times better than the actual toys.”

While that is true, it doesn’t seem to be the case for the Hot Toys Dark Knight stuff. How do I know this? Well, Hot Toys is selling two different 12” Dark Knight figures, you see. They’re selling the figure with the new costume from the new movie (the one I just preordered) and they’re selling a Batman Figure with the original suit from Batman Begins. There are a couple of sellers at eBay who have the 12” Batman figure in the Begins costume on hand and they took pictures of the figure in the box and the figure actually looks almost EXACTLY like the prototype pics. The 12” Batman in the Begins costume also has the extra Bruce Wayne head and it looks EXACTLY as it does in the pics here. So if the Begins Batman looks just like the prototypes I have no doubt the Dark Knight suit Batman will as well. And even if it doesn’t, I have a feeling it will look pretty damn close, seeing as how the more high-end toys usually end up looking more like the prototypes than the retail store toys do.

But yeah, get on over to CornerStore Comics and pick yours up if you’ve been looking for the figure furiously and were frustrated by the lack of US choices to purchase the figure. And don’t say I didn’t do anything nice for ‘ya!

Redemption of Sorts (or) A Post I Meant to Write Five Days Ago…

So it’s been five days since the end of Comic Con for me. SDCC08 was the first SDCC I’ve been to but it’s not the first comic convention I’ve been to. I went to the Emerald City con a couple of months ago and had a great time there as well.

Overall the SDCC was pretty cool and I’d do it again. I think I’ll bring three suitcases though and just pay the fine so I’ll have an extra bag for all the plastic crack I’ll acquire. Cramming all my stuff into two suitcases really sucked and was not that fun of an experience.

So yeah, the comic con was pretty great overall, but there were still a couple of things here and there that I wasn’t thrilled with. I really didn’t like the rent-a-cop Marine volunteers who screwed me out of my Rose McGowan autograph and I didn’t like how Sideshow’s Comic Con exclusive was an “Online only” thing that you couldn’t just buy at the con (you had to preorder it online first and then pick it up at the con). Well, I couldn’t track down Rose McGowan after the whole autograph thing and ask her to sign my Charmed book but I did get some redemption of sorts for my failure to preorder Aayla Secura from Sideshow before the con. After I found out that Aayla Secura was a “you can’t just pick it up at the booth” kind of exclusive I was pissed off and jaded but I didn’t walk away empty handed because I was given some solid advice from a woman working the booth: “Come back here Sunday afternoon and you might be able to get one because there’s always people who are too late to pick up their preorders. We might be able to sell you one then.”

So I did that and…

Allow me to sing a song (though not as good as Bob Marley would sing it). A little…redemption song.

So I was super thrilled to get my Aayla Secura and it gave me the chance to redeem myself as a collector for being ignorant over the fact that AS was a “preorder and pick up” kind of figure, but this whole thing doesn’t redeem Sideshow Toys and their shitty policies in my eyes. If anything, this actually makes me respect them EVEN LESS than I did before. I mean, it’s bad enough to do the whole “preorder it before you pick it up so it will be an EXCLUSIVE exclusive,” but doing the whole “pick it up by Sunday at noon or we’ll give your shit away” thing just makes Sideshow seem even more like assholes to me. Fuck Sideshow, I say. After I get my Indy from them in October I’m done with them.
Er…anyway, SDCC 08 was pretty cool overall and I will be posting more pics of my swag and some of the neat stuff I saw there pretty soon. Until then…may the horrible preorder and pick up policies be with you always…