Cliffjumper! Cliffjumper! As the Good Lord as my Witness…It’s Cliffjumper!!!

So we went to see Run Fat Boy Run tonight and then we hit the local comic book store after that. I was looking for some Stargate figures and I noticed they had what is, for me, the Holy Grail of Transformers movie toys in a lonely open box sitting off in a corner.

That’s right, I found All-Spark Cliffjumper. Now, I’m not an idiot here. I’m smart enough to realize he’s just a repaint of the ’09 Camaro but that doesn’t matter to me because he’s a repaint made to resemble one of the most awesome Transformers characters of all-time. I (and I’m sure I said this a couple times before) normally hate repaints but I really love repaints when they’re made to resemble awesome Autobots like Ultra Magnus and Cliffjumper.




I can almost hear Kasem as I look the toy over: “You callin’ me a repaint, punk?” Let me at ’em Prime!”

And Cliffjumper is probably my my favorite character in the Transformers universe next to Ultra Magnus, Ironhide and Megatron (G1 Megatron). He’s the surlier and more kick-ass Bumblebee if you ask me (Cliffjumper and Bumblebee transformed into different vehicles in the G1 cartoon but their robot forms where nearly identical). I always loved his kick-ass got more guts than brains attitude and it’s just hilarious how he could just pull out a giant gun out of nowhere and then still manage to miss Megatron regardless of the fact THAT HE HAD A SCOPE

I also thought that Casey Kasem did an awesome job with the voice acting so I think that added to Cliffy’s awesomeness. He sounded like a pussy when he did Shaggy and Robin but he somehow managed to make Cliffjumper sound like a major badass. Not as big of a bad-ass as Cullen’s Prime or Welker’s Megatron but it was a really cool tone for the little bot nonetheless.

Anyway, expect some more detailed photos of Cliffjumper in the future. While I doubt I’ll do a full on review, I will definitely make a gallery page for him because he really is one of the better movie toys even if he is just a repaint.

By the way, if you can tell me which overexcited (and over the top) announcer I make fun of in the titles of most of my posts I will give you the Sean No-Prize.


Yes, Scalpers exist. They exist even in a place like Oly…

So I got some insider information about the Iron Man movie figures a couple of days ago and I found out that they were going to be released today. So I went to the TRU a little earlier tonight and I found the big Iron Man display but the display had been raped pretty thoroughly. Seriously. It really looked like someone just went right to the display and bought everything. And it didn’t look like it was a kid or a collector. No, it looked like it was the work of a scalper who knew what he or she was doing. Luckily there was still one of each figure from the first series in the display so I was able to get all three Iron Men (he has three different suits of armor in the movie) plus a “quick change” version where you see Robert Downey Jr’s face and I got what I’m assuming is the villain of the piece (this robot suit called the “Iron Monger”).


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Not Goin’ Anywhere

I’m not like your standard geeky twenty-six year old Transformers collectors. Well…I am. But…I’m not, if that makes any sense.

I am like your standard geeky adult collectors because…well…I’m an adult who collects Transformers toys but I’m not like your standard collectors because I, as you may or may not have noticed, don’t take it too seriously. There’s nothing worse than seeing some fat geek on Youtube doing a deathly serious review of a children’s toy. Seriously. If you can name something more pathetic than that I would like to see it.

I, in other words, have a somewhat self-deprecating sense of humor about collecting toy robots. I find the humor in it and I’m secure enough to admit how geeky and sad collecting can be at times.

I, as you know, am not the only guy on the ‘net that’s like that though. The king of the self-deprecating humor involving collecting toy robots has to be Nala, the guy who runs Plastic Crack. The sad thing is though, Nala very well could be done with his site and collecting in general.

I have to say that really sucks because Nala’s self-deprecating approach to collecting makes “adult collecting” seem less geeky and/or creepy and his presence will surely be missed. As I’ve said many times before, the humorous and upbeat style in which he wrote his posts inspired me to create this blog and I’m sorry to see that he very well may be burnt out on collecting.

But don’t worry folks…I’m not going anywhere. Granted, I don’t collect as much as I used to but I still collect often enough to justify working on this site. So no worries, my fellow geeks, there are still collectors out there who can find humor in the bizarre and immature and yet entertaining world of “adult collecting.”

It’s not the amount of toys you have it’s what toys you have (or) There’s something people probably don’t realize when they see this site..

Every once in a while I’ll hear from someone who likes me or this site. It’s kind of like when a woman finds Michael Jackson attractive. It’s incredibly rare, but it does happen.

Anyway, the thing that people are always shocked to hear is that I actually don’t own very many Transformers or have an extensive collection.

When I was a kid my brother and I had almost every single G1 figure that was out there but over time we either broke them, lost them, sold them, gave them away or just threw them out. So we are, for the most part on our “second dynasties” right now (mine started in 2000 and I think my brother’s started this summer).

To me though it’s not about how many Transformers you have. It’s about what Transformers you have. I mean, would anyone really be that impressed if you had two hundred or so Transformers but they were all Armada and (new) movie figures and crappy repaints? Uh…not…really.

And that’s the thing. My collection’s not like that. I don’t have that many transformers but the ones I do have are what are considered some of the best transformers out there. I mean, I have Masterpiece Prime (the 2004 Prime and not the cheap-ass 2006 DVD version), Masterpiece Megatron, Masterpiece Starscream, Brave fuckin’ Maximus, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, ’08 Bumblebee, Trypticon (in C8+ condition as well), Metroplex (also in C8+ condition) G2 Prime, the Japanese exclusive Galvatron reissue, SDCC Rodimus and a few others here and there that are rare and well-respected figures.

So, as I said, I look at it that way when the geekier and snobbier Transformers collectors try to give me a hard time. It doesn’t happen that often but it does happen. I usually silence them after I ask them if they have a MP Magnus or Brave Maximus though.

I guess what got me thinking about all of this was this post Nala made over at Plastic Crack (the hilarious and bad-ass site that inspired me to make this site) that discussed this eBay auction where this dude is selling over 1,000 Transformers. That got me thinking about how big-ass collections don’t really impress me that much anymore because having all the Armada through New Movie stuff is like, to paraphrase Waiting, “being the smartest person with Down Syndrome.”

But…yeah. If someone owned all the G1 figures from the start of the series up until they stopped making the Headmasters…that’s an impressive collection. But owning damn near everything just doesn’t wow me like it once would because the Transformers have had some shitty toylines through the years. I mean, there were a couple of cool toys here in there over the years but nothing’s been great since G1. The only lines that really come close are the Classics line and the MP line. The rest of the stuff is just hit or miss or just too stupid to buy. Why anyone would buy everything is beyond me.

Lost Boys! Lost Boys! My God! The Lost Boys are back!!!

So I was checking out Superherohype today and I saw a link to the Incredible Hulk trailer at So I watched the trailer and I thought that looks so much better than Iron Man and Batman (and they look pretty awesome as well so that’s a pretty bold statement on my part). I couldn’t help but think There’s nothing that can top this trailer and then I see a link to a Lost Boys trailer and I think Is this an ad for a special edition of the DVD when…fuck yeah! The Feldster introduces the trailer to THE FUCKING SEQUEL!!!

Now this has me in complete and utter fucking SHOCK. I mean, it’s the fucking Lost Boys, one of the greatest movies of the 80s and we’re finally seeing the sequel! My sister and I have waited about nineteen years for Warner to get off their asses and do a sequel and they finally fucking did it!!! And to top it all off…BOTH OF THE COREYS ARE IN IT!!!

I mean, I know both of those actors are pretty cheestastic but still…to have both of them be in the sequel…I was in geek paradise.

But…yeah. I kept thinking about the trailer the rest of the night and thinking about how much ass this movie is going to fucking kick when it comes out this summer! My God this is great news. I think this is even better than that day I found out that Perfect fuckin’ Strangers is now out on DVD (and I’m seriously not being sarcastic).

But…yeah. Here is the trailer: revel in it’s awesomeness. I could watch it seven or eight more times tonight I think.

Ultrazord! Ultrazord! By God it’s the Ultrazord!

So I finally got a Titanus figure earlier this week. It’s been about thirteen years but I finally got one. And that means…

Ultrazord time motherfuckers!!!


Finally getting the Ultrazord really means something to me. Story time folks…

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Master Chief! Master Chief! Master Chief! Master Chief! And…er…White…Master Chief!

So I saw 10,000 BC tonight and I thought it was great. A trillion times better than that overrated piece of crap 300 movie.

But…I digress. We went to our local comic book store after the movie and I saw that they had most of the toys from the McFarlane Halo series. While I think some of the monsters and Cortana are cool the toys that really stood out where Master Chief and the two other Spartans. So…in the end…I bought Master Chief and the White Spartan. The red spartan looked really awesome but considering the fact that these guys were all going for $16.99 a piece I just decided to stick with the white spartan and Master Chief. These guys are pretty awesome and I’m really digging them so far and I was happy to get them. I’d like to get a couple more of these guys sometime down the road.