It’s funny how $20 or $30 really makes the difference…

I was doing some web surfing before bed the other night (and yes I do know how cheesy that term is) and I happened to stumble upon an interesting Seibertron topic. Apparently Wal-Mart isn’t releasing US MP Starscream as a “Black Friday” exclusive after all.


He’s now in stock at several Wal-Marts across the United States and a couple of collectors here and there were able to snag him up.

I was really happy to hear that but I was also concerned because I know how quickly scalpers pounce on the exclusive figures and sell them at ridiculous markups before us “Transfans” have a chance to get them.

And…sadly enough…I was right. I headed over to the ‘ole Crackbay after I saw the forum on Seibertron and I realized that scalpers are indeed selling him at a $120-$150 price even though he retails for $40.

Right then and there I decided that I’m not going to pay $120 or more on the figure and that no figure is worth that to me anymore.

I thought about it for a while later on though and I realized that I actually would be willing to pay $100 for him after all. I wouldn’t pay $120 for him but I’d pay $100 for him.

So it is, as I said in the title, funny how another $20-$30 really makes the difference sometimes.


Why couldn’t the Prequels be this good?

I think that the person who made this video captured the tragic downfall of Anakin/Vader better in the three minutes and thirty-four seconds or so he or she had to play around with better than Lucas did with the six to nine hours he had to tell the story.

AMAZING work. I am in awe.

The director who did this piece truly understood what the Star Wars saga is truly all about. Star Wars, when it’s all said and done, is a really deep and beautiful morality tale of what impatience, arrogance and egotism can do to you when you’re young and think you can take on the world and seek solely what you want out of life and this video really¬† displays that.

Well done. Well done.

“The Future”

So I got a couple of messages and e-mails from some fans of this site (all two or three of them) and they asked me if I decided to quit doing toy reviews.

If someone asked me that a couple of weeks ago I would have quickly said “no” and that would be the end of it. I really had to think about that question though when I was asked the other day and I eventually said

“Work is really crazy right now and I’ll get back to doing the reviews sometime soon.

And that’s the truth. I thought about quitting the reviews as they do take up a huge chunk of my spare time but I think I’ll get back to doing them…eventually.

I suppose there are a lot of factors that are making me more apathetic about this site than I used to be (a waning interest in Transformers figures, yahoo geocities fucking up my reviews, etc) but I’ll get back into the “posting groove” eventually.

Until then I’m probably going to just focus on my site devoted to Sci-Fi figure reviews as I’ve really been getting back into collecting Star Wars shit.