Men in Black III tops Avengers, Les Miserables Trailer Debuts, Kathie Lee Gifford’s gaffe with Martin Short & More!

So here’s my TV/Movie News video for the week of 05/28/2012 in which I discuss Men in Black III beating The Avengers, more info on reshoots for GI: Joe Retaliation, Martin Short’s appearance on the Today Show, Iron Patriot showing up in Iron Man III and more!

Movie News Video (clocks in at just 5 minutes!):

My Thoughts on these News Pieces:

Les Miserables Trailer:

Martin Short/Kathy-Lee Gifford Interview:

Iron Patriot Picture:


New Forum and…other…site stuff…

So I signed up for a forum service for the site. Check it out here. I’m brand new to the world of editing/moderating a forum so I won’t have hurt feelings if fifty people don’t sign up at once. It’ll take me a while to figure out how these things work if you smell what The Sean is cooking.

In other Sean News: I’m working on the Metroplex review as well as some Movie/Entertainment stuff for my other site. So don’t worry fans, new stuff IS on the way.

Review of Transformers Classics/Universe Prowl

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to review this guy so without further ado, here’s the video review:

To say this guy isn’t one of my favorite figures from the Classics Line would be the understatement of the century. Thing is though, I don’t judge him for what he is so much as I judge him for what he isn’t.

Also, I apologize for the super-shaky cam thing going on with this review. Usually I’m holding my phone in one hand and posing the figure in the other, hence the shaky cam, but most of my reviews are still fairly steady. Don’t know why I had the seizure-ish thing going on with this one, won’t happen in the next review, Scout’s honor (even though I was never a scout).

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part 6: Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man

So here we take a look at “Spider-Man,” the spin-off of Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man. Just as The Uncanny X-Men got a spin-off that was just “X-Men” Spidey got his own spin-off that was just “Spider-Man” (which later went on to become “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”).

Overall I thought this series had a great start with Todd McFarlane and Eric Larsen starting it off, but ultimately I think it fizzled after they left, leaving Spidey with trivial adventures you couldn’t really care about that led to the horrible Clone Saga.

So here’s a look at “Spider-Man:”

I also go through my favorite issues of Amazing Spider-Man from my collection:

Yet another New Site!!!

So I just created a new site for all my comic-related stuff, check it out here. If you ever wondered why I call my site “Transformers & other Plastic Crack” it’s because I can’t call it Plastic Crack seeing as how a badass Transformers collector beat me to it with his site. So I did what anyone else would do and I left a comment on one of his entries asking if it would be cool to call my site Transformers & Other Plastic Crack and he said he was honored and/or flattered. It was cool with him. After a while I thought about doing a spin-off site dedicated to my love of comics but I realized he also beat me to the punch with his “Paper Crack” site so that’s why my new site is X-Men & other Paper Crack. While X-Men is in the title, most of the comics I’ll review or look at on the new page will be Marvel stuff from the 60s-90s since that era is, as I’ve said a zillion times, the best era in Marvel Comics and nothing will ever surpass it. So yeah, check out the new site and be sure to like it, comment on the entries and share with your fellow comic book fans.

My Alternate (Spoiler Heavy) Review of Men in Black III

So now that I’ve gotten my spoiler-free review out of the way, here’s my “spoiler-heavy” review of MIB III in which I rant about Alice Eve being the new “It Girl” and other stuff in the film..

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part Five: Wolverine

In this video we take a look at some of my favorite issues of Wolverine from my comic collection. And yes, I do realize that I make a gaffe and said Marc Silvestri signed one of my issues when I meant to say Len Wein. In my defense, I was working through a bit of a cold if you smell what The Sean is cooking: