Marvel Select Thor Review

Since I reviewed the Walmart version yesterday, I thought I’d tackle the Marvel Select version today.


Walmart Exclusive Thor (aka Marvel Legends Movie Thor) Review

So here’s my review of Walmart Exclusive Thor (aka Marvel Legends Movie Thor)

I apologize for the sound being crappy in the first minute and a half or so (that’s what I get for having a cheap s**t mic). The sound is fine the rest of the review though.

Besides the sound being weak in the first minute or so, I have to say I think this is one of the best reviews I’ve shot so far. Hopefully this is the beginning of better reviews with more time and effort put into them.

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part 7: Uncanny X-Men

So here I wrap up my look at the highlights of my Marvel Comic Collection by showing off my “Holy Grail” issues of Uncanny X-Men such as issue 137 (The Conclusion of the Dark Phoenix Saga as well as the 1st death of Jean Grey) and issue 266 (1st full appearance of Gambit) as well as some issues Jim Lee worked on as well.

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part 6: Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man

So here we take a look at “Spider-Man,” the spin-off of Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man. Just as The Uncanny X-Men got a spin-off that was just “X-Men” Spidey got his own spin-off that was just “Spider-Man” (which later went on to become “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”).

Overall I thought this series had a great start with Todd McFarlane and Eric Larsen starting it off, but ultimately I think it fizzled after they left, leaving Spidey with trivial adventures you couldn’t really care about that led to the horrible Clone Saga.

So here’s a look at “Spider-Man:”

I also go through my favorite issues of Amazing Spider-Man from my collection:

My “Alternate” Review of The Avengers

So now that I got my spoiler-free version of The Avengers out of the way on Friday, here’s my two-part review that’s more “spoilerrific” and includes a bit more of my “colorful language.” Here I talk about the nitpicky kind of stuff I didn’t talk about in my spoiler-free review.

Part 1:

Part 2:

It’s kind of sad when the best Batman/Superman stories are at Youtube and not your average comic store

So I was in a pretty shitty mood before I went to bed the other night and I was looking to find something to cheer me up. So I took a look at some Robotech fan vids on Youtube and somehow I came across this Batman/Superman/Marvel series this really brilliant fan made.

The idea of the series, titled “Marvel/DC: After Hours is that Spider-Man, Batman, Superman Iron Man and a couple other heroes hang out in this club and they talk about their respective movies and careers and things like that. (There’s another series by the same creator that parodies the Mac versus PC commercials with the idea being it’s “I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC”.) The series is written to be a parody but the sad thing is that even as a parody it’s still actually a lot better than the real Batman/Superman title and there are actually a lot of serious and even heartfelt moments in the storyline. I watched the end of this multi-part storyline the creator did and I was just really blown away by how fucking good it actually was. I could actually see Marvel and DC using the storyline for a crossover sometime in the future.

Basically the plot of the mini-series goes like this: the Iron Man movie is about to get released and everyone at the club is really excited about it. Superman overhears Nightwing compliment Tony on how great the preview looks and he starts to doubt himself (because Superman Returns is considered a “flop” among the fanboys. He realizes that the age of the perfect hero is over and that audiences find him irrelevant now because he’s not as relatable as the more flawed and realistic Marvel heroes. Lex Luthor starts to develop this complex as well so he sets about altering time to make sure Stan Lee never creates Marvel comics.

So Batman, Spider-Man and Superman team up to take Luthor out and stop him before he can alter the timeline. There’s a lot of funny bits of dialog here and there in the mini-series but there’s actually a couple of thoughtful and heartfelt messages in there as well.

So, for your viewing pleasure, you’re about to see the best Superman/Batman story to actually come out in the past couple of years.

DC should seriously be watching this guy and taking notes. This guy really nails Batman and Superman’s relationship and character quirks a lot better than the jackasses who write the Batman/Superman comic do.

This is part 6 and seven of the series. You don’t have to watch 1-5 to get what’s going on as the creator is good at catching his viewers up on what’s going on.

Without giving too much away I do have to say the scene with Cap and the scene with Stan Lee at the end almost brought a tear to my eye. And the argument between Batman and Superman…as I said, the creator really understood just what makes the characters tick and their dialog really rings true and seems more authentic than the scenes they share in the Batman/Superman comic.

Yes, Scalpers exist. They exist even in a place like Oly…

So I got some insider information about the Iron Man movie figures a couple of days ago and I found out that they were going to be released today. So I went to the TRU a little earlier tonight and I found the big Iron Man display but the display had been raped pretty thoroughly. Seriously. It really looked like someone just went right to the display and bought everything. And it didn’t look like it was a kid or a collector. No, it looked like it was the work of a scalper who knew what he or she was doing. Luckily there was still one of each figure from the first series in the display so I was able to get all three Iron Men (he has three different suits of armor in the movie) plus a “quick change” version where you see Robert Downey Jr’s face and I got what I’m assuming is the villain of the piece (this robot suit called the “Iron Monger”).


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You want to know what’s fun about going to the Airport? Nothing.

So…yeah. We had all kinds of problems getting my sister to the airport today. (We also had issues picking up our friend George as well).

But…on the plus side, I did get the two new Marvel Legends 360 figures (Spidey and ‘Gobs respectively). While they still aren’t as good as the Toybiz Marvel Legends figures they’re still better than the standard 6” figures.


Gobs is total love though. I mean, where else are you going to see a Green Goblin figure this incredibly detailed?


Spidey’s cool too but not as cool as he could have been. All in all though these are pretty cool toys and they were late Christmas presents so I can’t really complain too much. Expect a more detailed review soon.



Medicom Spider-Man review

So I finished my Medicom Spider-Man Review. As I said, this review of the Medicom Spider-Man is different from 99.99% of the other reviews of this guy because I actually address the main issue with the older Medicom figures that guys like Michael Crawford are afraid to discuss and that is…

…they break faster than $2 Optimus Prime KOs from Guatemala.

That’s not to say they’re horrible and worthless. On the contrary, they’re actually quite cool. “$60 cool” but not “$150 cool.”


“How dare you make fun of my Manhattan Mullet?”

Apparently the “breaking issues” with the older Medicom figures are pretty common and you can find entire forums devoted to discussing how much Medicom figures actually suck if you Google search long enough (and I include links to these forums in the review) but do guys like Crawford talk about that issue? Nope. He just recommends you spend the big bucks on the overrated crap.

Anyway, you can find the review here. Agree or disagree with my final assessment? Leave a comment here and let me know what you think.