V-Log 08/31/2012: Expendables 2 Review (with Spoilers)

Here’s my review of Expendables 2, with spoilers. Since this movie has been out two weeks now, I feel like there wasn’t any point in doing a spoiler-free version.


V-Log: 08/29/2012: Alberto, Updates on Future Videos and More…

So here I talk about volunteering with OFA, applying for a job with the state and just what happened to Alberto. I also introduce everyone to the latest addition to the site, Adrian(a) Martino the cat!!!

God Bless you Alberto Martino my Angel

So Alberto Martino the Cat passed away this morning. And yes, I’m still torn up about it. I will never understand the kind of people who say “it was just a cat” whenever a cat passes away. Pets are more than just animals we take care of, they really become a member of the family.

Quick tribute I worked up. I’m going to do a longer V-Log where I’ll try to talk about Alberto and just what happened a bit later. And no, there is no ad on this video. It wouldn’t be right to place an ad on something like this.
I know a lot of you who are fans of this site really love Alberto a lot and I think she would be happy to know she’s made people smile/

Bourne Legacy Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my “spoiler-heavy” review of Bourne Legacy.

I also talk about Cybcon at the end of the review. Cybcon is a Transformers convention coming up that’s going to be at a hotel/convention center in Tacoma Washington. I’m going to be there as a dealer (looking to sell my Brave Maximus and some other loose TFs) but I’m going to be shooting some stuff for my site as well. So if you’re a local fan looking for a pic or an autograph I’ll be there and Wolfman Jack might be there as well…

Vlog 08/10/2012: The Bourne Legacy Review

So here’s my review of The Bourne Legacy, brief, succinct and to the point for once. Was it a great movie that made me want to change my identity to Aaron Cross or did it make me want to issue an Ultimatum to the theater staff to get my money back? And yes, I know those puns were bad.

And yes, I know I referred to Aaron Cross as “Alex Cross” a couple of times in this review. I was either tired or I just wanted to channel Chris Bores and make some flubs (just kidding Bores)  ; )