Voyager Prime

So I finally found Voyager Prime after months and months of zilch. The thing about these sorts of figures, I’m realizing, is that you have to go to a Wal-Mart or a Fred Myer or even a KMart if you want them. Target and Toys ‘R Us just have a million Leader Megatrons, Voyager Megatrons, Voyager Bulkheads and a ton of Ratchets, Bumblebees and Black Arachnias. It’s the stores that you really don’t think about that have a good variety of the figures instead of a billion of the same dude.

I have to say that, like the first girl I dated, the payoff wasn’t really worth the wait. I mean, Voyager Prime’s okay but he’s pretty underwhelming overall. There’s nothing really special about him. This got me thinking about all the various Optimus Prime incarnations that we’ve seen (and in my case bought) over the years and how they’re all pretty much the same damn figure. I mean, you can take away the mouthpiece or have him turn into different kinds of trucks and give him a more aggressive/futuristic armor design but in the end he still pretty much looks exactly the same with the red chest, blue legs and blue helmet.

You can bitch and complain and say what you want about the Car Robot/RiD Optimus Prime (or “Fire Convoy”) being radically different from the previous Prime’s but I personally think that’s what really made that figure one of my favorite Transformer figures that’s been released in the last ten or fifteen years. I mean, even Spider-Man got a new look from time to time. Sameness just equals lameness to me.

That’s also why I, unlike most of the other people my age or older who grew up with the G1 toys, liked the more “techno-organic” design Prime had in the Bay movie. They could have just pandered to the G1 Wankers by making him look exactly like he did in the cartoon (and this clip proves it would have worked if they wanted to go that route) but they decided to update him and make him unique and that’s something I really liked (though I, like most of the fanboys, hated the idea of changing Prime’s design initially).

I also really love the Ultra Magnus repaints as well. The convoy design might look pretty cool with the red and blue colors but the Convoy design with the white and blue colors is just FUCKING SWEET. A Black Prime (that isn’t Nemesis Prime) would be a cool reinterpretation of the character as well.

So yeah, all in all I think I’d say he’s maybe $15 cool but I don’t know if he’s $20 (retail price) or $40 (eBay price) cool. Maybe that’s just me though as I’m not much of a Prime wanker anymore.


Because You (or, More Accurately, One Person) demanded it: Toynami SDCC Pictures!!!

Because Crazy Steve asked, here are some pics I took from the Toynami Booth at the SDCC.

First up is the Robotech New Generation/Shadow Chronicles stuff:

Here you have the “Ray” Mospeda Bike variant figure of Rand and his Cyclone

An Alpha Fighter

Scott Bernard and his Cyclone from Shadow Chronicles

Maia Sterling’s Shadow Fighter from The Shadow Chronicles (a movie I still haven’t gotten around to seeing)

A Beta Fighter (Yes, they really are going to sell these finally)

And an Alpha Fighter connected to a Beta Fighter.

While the New Generation stuff was cool, I never really liked NG as much as I enjoyed the Macross Saga. I mean, it’s better than the God-Awful Masters series, but it never really reached the levels of awesomeness that the Macross Saga achieved.

Which leads me to…

Oh fuck yeah. This is the shit right here. They’re going to be releasing the VF-1S from Do You Remember Love in the 1/100 scale. That might not mean much to the snobs out there who scoff at the size and quality of the 1/100 series but to those of us who can’t afford to shell out the couple hundred for the Yamato 1/48 VF-1S from DYRL, this is about the most awesome news ever. I will definitely be buying this guy when he becomes available.

Toynami also had the 1/100 figures with the new strike packs or whatever they’re called on display.

They also had some pretty awesome dioramas:

So there you have it. If you’re a Robotech/Mospeda/Macross fan like Crazy Steve and myself you might appreciate these pics but if you don’t know Robotech from Genetech it might not mean too much to you.

And yes, there will be more SDCC pics from other booths and events to come. Unlike the jerk dad in Hook, I do keep my promises so my word won’t be a “junk bond” (great line in the movie, by the way).

As usual, click on the pics to see them larger and in a better resolution.

As Nala would say, “Bad Craziness”

So I’m back. To paraphrase Indiana Jones, “Like a bad penny, I always come back.”

So why no updates in a long time? Well, my subscription for my five gigs of webspace ran out recently.

See, I really don’t need the five gigs of webspace here at wordpress but I do need more than whatever they give you initially because I post a lot of pictures here. And, as I said, I post A LOT of pictures here. So I really don’t want to write posts without pictures but I don’t really want to waste the free and limited webspace I have here now that my subscription has run out either. So I guess I’m just going to have to eventually give in to “the man” and pay the $20-$30 for the extra gigs again. And I’ll do that. Just not right now.

Why? Well, I’m pretty broke right now and any extra money I have is going towards my Hot Toys Dark Knight figure so the extra gigs here aren’t really a major priority in my life at the moment.

That being said though, I’ll still cave in and get the extra space again. Just not this second.

In other news, I was checking my blog stats today and I saw that I got like 50 people from some forum called overclockers visiting this site from some link in a thread in one of their forums. So I click on the link to see what it’s about and I get to this page that says I have to register or something before I can view forums. So I try to register but I get this thing that says something along the lines of “No free e-mail accounts allowed” so I send the administrators an e-mail basically saying “Okay, I’m actually okay with not being able to view your forum. Just please tell me why my toy site is being linked to a computer software/hardware forum.” As Nala would say, “Bad craziness.”

Seriously. What about this site screams “software/hardware junkies, this is THE place for you?” I mean, I don’t write about computer stuff. The closest I ever got was this post where I ranted about how the spacebar key really sucks on cheap laptops.

After looking at the stats for the day in question again, I’m realizing that I got like fifty people from the forum coming here and fifty people looking at my Alternators Prowl review so I’m guessing that someone at overclockers posted a link to my Alternators Prowl review. Again, I have to ask…why? What does Alternators Prowl have to do with computer hardware/software? I guess they must have an “off-topic” section in their forums so people can post things about “Jean Chaps Prowl” or whatever. Still though, it’s really irritating to see that my site is obviously being mentioned somewhere and I don’t get to see what they’re talking about.

It’s like fifty people in your high-school talking behind your back and you have no idea what they’re talking about and/or saying.

And my final topic of the day has to be this:

Anyone else here simultaneously amused and offended by this? I mean, there’s no two ways about it. Bumblebee’s obviously flashin’ a space dildo. There’s no way in hell anyone can be like “it’s not a dildo, it’s his laser gun.”

I’m sorry but that is NOT a laser gun. If that’s not a dildo than Ron Perlman isn’t Hellboy. I mean, there’s no way you can say that the end of the “gun” doesn’t look like a circumcised wang (albeit a blue, robotic looking circumcised wang).

It’s hilarious but it’s also offensive in the way that the Archie “I had to beat these guys off” cover is offensive because you know that the illustrator knew what he was doing when he made the cover, yet I’m sure he’d be like “no, I really meant he had to physically beat the guys up” if he were confronted about it. And I’m sure the toy designers would be the same way and be like “we honestly didn’t try to make a space dildo for Bumblebee” even though it’s incredibly obvious that that’s what it is. In short, if you’re going to make space dildos or masturbation references in your stuff that’s supposed to be geared to kids, at least have the stones to admit it and call it what it is.