Vlog 08/10/2012: The Bourne Legacy Review

So here’s my review of The Bourne Legacy, brief, succinct and to the point for once. Was it a great movie that made me want to change my identity to Aaron Cross or did it make me want to issue an Ultimatum to the theater staff to get my money back? And yes, I know those puns were bad.

And yes, I know I referred to Aaron Cross as “Alex Cross” a couple of times in this review. I was either tired or I just wanted to channel Chris Bores and make some flubs (just kidding Bores)  ; )


Total Recall Review (spoiler-heavy version)

So here’s the spoiler-heavy version of my Total Recall review:

The Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my spoiler-heavy review where I praise the things I liked about the movie and nitpick the two or  three things I didn’t (I’ll just say they might involve Bane):

And because I forgot a couple things, here’s a quick video where I talk about the two or three things I forgot to mention in my “Spoilerrific Review”

Walmart Exclusive Thor (aka Marvel Legends Movie Thor) Review

So here’s my review of Walmart Exclusive Thor (aka Marvel Legends Movie Thor)

I apologize for the sound being crappy in the first minute and a half or so (that’s what I get for having a cheap s**t mic). The sound is fine the rest of the review though.

Besides the sound being weak in the first minute or so, I have to say I think this is one of the best reviews I’ve shot so far. Hopefully this is the beginning of better reviews with more time and effort put into them.

A Quick Plug Video to promote a friend’s custom work, some news on a new “Wolfman Jack” video in the works and more…

So I told a friend of mine I’d promote his custom work here as long as he “liked” the official Facebook page for this site. So without further ado, here’s a quick vid I made, showcasing some of his work:

I also discuss a new “Wolfman Jack” video that’s in the works since he’s proving to be a pretty popular “breakout character” for the site and I, once again, plug the Facebook page for this site.

You can check out Decade’s custom work at his Facebook page:

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Amazing Spider-Man Re-Review (Spoiler Heavy Version)

Just as I had to do a re-review of my Spoiler Free review of Amazing Spider-Man, I felt I should do a re-review of the spoiler-heavy version of the review as well. So, without further ado, here’s the spoilerrific version of my Amazing Spider-Man review: