Review of G1 Tailgate

So here’s another “short and sweet review,” this time it’s of G1 Tailgate, one of my favorite Transformers figures from my childhood.

With 150% less shaky cam than my Classics Prowl review!!!!


Voyager Prime

So I finally found Voyager Prime after months and months of zilch. The thing about these sorts of figures, I’m realizing, is that you have to go to a Wal-Mart or a Fred Myer or even a KMart if you want them. Target and Toys ‘R Us just have a million Leader Megatrons, Voyager Megatrons, Voyager Bulkheads and a ton of Ratchets, Bumblebees and Black Arachnias. It’s the stores that you really don’t think about that have a good variety of the figures instead of a billion of the same dude.

I have to say that, like the first girl I dated, the payoff wasn’t really worth the wait. I mean, Voyager Prime’s okay but he’s pretty underwhelming overall. There’s nothing really special about him. This got me thinking about all the various Optimus Prime incarnations that we’ve seen (and in my case bought) over the years and how they’re all pretty much the same damn figure. I mean, you can take away the mouthpiece or have him turn into different kinds of trucks and give him a more aggressive/futuristic armor design but in the end he still pretty much looks exactly the same with the red chest, blue legs and blue helmet.

You can bitch and complain and say what you want about the Car Robot/RiD Optimus Prime (or “Fire Convoy”) being radically different from the previous Prime’s but I personally think that’s what really made that figure one of my favorite Transformer figures that’s been released in the last ten or fifteen years. I mean, even Spider-Man got a new look from time to time. Sameness just equals lameness to me.

That’s also why I, unlike most of the other people my age or older who grew up with the G1 toys, liked the more “techno-organic” design Prime had in the Bay movie. They could have just pandered to the G1 Wankers by making him look exactly like he did in the cartoon (and this clip proves it would have worked if they wanted to go that route) but they decided to update him and make him unique and that’s something I really liked (though I, like most of the fanboys, hated the idea of changing Prime’s design initially).

I also really love the Ultra Magnus repaints as well. The convoy design might look pretty cool with the red and blue colors but the Convoy design with the white and blue colors is just FUCKING SWEET. A Black Prime (that isn’t Nemesis Prime) would be a cool reinterpretation of the character as well.

So yeah, all in all I think I’d say he’s maybe $15 cool but I don’t know if he’s $20 (retail price) or $40 (eBay price) cool. Maybe that’s just me though as I’m not much of a Prime wanker anymore.

Redemption of Sorts (or) A Post I Meant to Write Five Days Ago…

So it’s been five days since the end of Comic Con for me. SDCC08 was the first SDCC I’ve been to but it’s not the first comic convention I’ve been to. I went to the Emerald City con a couple of months ago and had a great time there as well.

Overall the SDCC was pretty cool and I’d do it again. I think I’ll bring three suitcases though and just pay the fine so I’ll have an extra bag for all the plastic crack I’ll acquire. Cramming all my stuff into two suitcases really sucked and was not that fun of an experience.

So yeah, the comic con was pretty great overall, but there were still a couple of things here and there that I wasn’t thrilled with. I really didn’t like the rent-a-cop Marine volunteers who screwed me out of my Rose McGowan autograph and I didn’t like how Sideshow’s Comic Con exclusive was an “Online only” thing that you couldn’t just buy at the con (you had to preorder it online first and then pick it up at the con). Well, I couldn’t track down Rose McGowan after the whole autograph thing and ask her to sign my Charmed book but I did get some redemption of sorts for my failure to preorder Aayla Secura from Sideshow before the con. After I found out that Aayla Secura was a “you can’t just pick it up at the booth” kind of exclusive I was pissed off and jaded but I didn’t walk away empty handed because I was given some solid advice from a woman working the booth: “Come back here Sunday afternoon and you might be able to get one because there’s always people who are too late to pick up their preorders. We might be able to sell you one then.”

So I did that and…

Allow me to sing a song (though not as good as Bob Marley would sing it). A little…redemption song.

So I was super thrilled to get my Aayla Secura and it gave me the chance to redeem myself as a collector for being ignorant over the fact that AS was a “preorder and pick up” kind of figure, but this whole thing doesn’t redeem Sideshow Toys and their shitty policies in my eyes. If anything, this actually makes me respect them EVEN LESS than I did before. I mean, it’s bad enough to do the whole “preorder it before you pick it up so it will be an EXCLUSIVE exclusive,” but doing the whole “pick it up by Sunday at noon or we’ll give your shit away” thing just makes Sideshow seem even more like assholes to me. Fuck Sideshow, I say. After I get my Indy from them in October I’m done with them.
Er…anyway, SDCC 08 was pretty cool overall and I will be posting more pics of my swag and some of the neat stuff I saw there pretty soon. Until then…may the horrible preorder and pick up policies be with you always…

We’re in the Impossible Business here…

One of the cool things about being a crack buyer is that I have a couple of friends who are in the “crack buying business” as well.

Anyway, this buddy of mine told me “You better get Stealth Bumblebee from a Collectibles show or online because he’ll never see retail release.”

“Why is that?” I ask. So my friend launches into an epic explanation that goes something like this: “Hasbro isn’t going to send the last waves of the Transformers movie line to retail stores because the retail stores have boxes and boxes and boxes of unsold Transformers toys in the back and Hasbro isn’t happy about that.”

Apparently my friend heard this from a vendor at this collectibles show he goes to every weekend. I, being the cynic that I am, pretty much said “I think the dude’s wrong. I’ve heard about people getting Stealth Bumblebee and the last figures in the Transformers movie line.” My friend, however, didn’t agree. It was almost as if he thought finding Stealth Bumblebee in the stores was an impossible mission along the lines of finding evidence that proves Michael Jackson is straight.

So I’m strolling through the Target the other night and…what happens? What do I see?

Yeah, that’s right. I found him. I mean, I don’t like to be an “I told you so” guy but, then again, I love to be an “I told you so” guy. I don’t know why. I guess I’m a jerk in that respect. I don’t know.

I don’t really blame my friend here or think he’s foolish for pretty much saying the mission was impossible. No, I blame the vendor and the other people online at different Transformers sites for perpetuating the “Hasbro won’t send the retail stores the last figures” rumor (and I’ve heard that rumor a couple of times now and there’s something about the sheer stupidity of it that just kind of annoys me).

So…yeah. Here at Transformers and Other Plastic Crack we aim to do the impossible. Name a figure in any of the latest Transformers line that’s impossible to find and I bet you I can probably get ’em for you.

When it’s all said and done though I’m not going to be opening Stealth Bumblebee seeing as how I already have two variations of the 09 Camaro mold (Bumblebee and Cliffjumper) and I’d rather just take advantage of the good markup he’s getting on eBay someday and sell him there.

Speaking of the Hall of Shame…

SDCC Exclusive Rodimus quickly comes to mind.

Holy shit does this figure suck. What a waste of money. It might look decent here but trust me, this toy is the worst Transformer I bought since War Within Prime.

His alt mode, thankfully is pretty cool. I think I’ll just keep him in alt mode for the most part.

Expect a more detailed review sometime next week. Maybe. I could get swamped at work like I was this week. I don’t know.

The Energon Shockwave Review is Done!!!

So I finally finished my Energon Shockblast Energon Shockwave review. This is another rare figure that earns its place on the worth buying AND Hall of Shame lists.

Energon Shockwave (I refuse to call him Shockblast because we all know he’s Shockwave) is basically a really cool figure that would have been a lot better if he were given a tab connector in his waist and better alt modes. Like Redeco Starscream before him though, he looks great next to figures like Soundwave and Masterpiece Megatron. (Click on the picture and you’ll see it larger and in better resolution.)

Just click here to read the review.

And before you say it…I am indeed aware of the fact this figure’s been out a couple of years. I don’t see anything wrong with that though because this figure still goes for big bucks on eBay and it’s worth reviewing.

Alternators Prowl Review

I finally finished the Alternators Prowl Review. It took me a hell of a lot longer than it should have but that’s not my fault. Blame Yahoo Geocities. Anyway, Alternators Prowl is a great figure.


I was lucky and I won him off of CrackBay for a reasonable price. After transforming the figure a couple of times and putting it in different poses I have to say it’s not as good as I thought it would be. The detail on the car is really great but the figure just looks really boring compared to how great the prototype looked when the figure was announced a couple of years ago. I just…I hate his pants. And by pants I mean legs. His legs just look like weird “jean chaps” with that weird blue color scheme. They should have painted the blue parts black in my opinion. Is it worth buying though? Certainly but I would advise trying to find one for $40. The typical $80-$100 price the figure goes for on CrackBay just isn’t worth it.

Anyway, you can find the more detailed review here. I’m finally changing the format of my reviews around so I’m going to have more “thumbnail galleries” from now on. The page of the Prowl review kind of goes on forever after the review and the gallery end so you’ll just have to ignore that part. Anyway, click here to check the review out and be sure to post a comment if you agree/disagree with the review. By the way you can see the pictures in this post in a higher resolution if you click on them.



The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and Gallery are Finally Done!!!

So I was finally able to upload the last pictures for the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review. Check it out here.


There are a lot of pictures in the gallery and the pictures take a little time to load so you might want to check this review out on a high-speed computer. (Don’t, in other words, look at this review on your Grandma’s dial-up connection).


It’s a great figure and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Ultra Magnus or his “White Optimus” paint scheme. MP UM is MUCH MUCH more than a simple repaint. He actually looks better than MP Optimus Prime if you ask me.


So…yeah. Check out the review and the gallery to get some more info on this great figure. You can also click on the pictures in this review to see them in a better resolution and size.


So The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and gallery are up. They aren’t finished, but they are available to check out

So I’ve finished my Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review and I didn’t finish the review, if that makes any sense. I’ve written everything I wanted to write about the figure but I, thanks to the shitty technical errors I’ve been getting from Yahoo Geocities, didn’t get to post all of the pictures I wanted to post.


My review, in other words, is done, but it’s not done because I still want to put some pictures of Masterpiece Prime with Masterpiece Megatron in the review and I haven’t been able to do that. The written review and the pics of Ultra Magnus with movie Prime are ready to be viewed though so you can check that out here. So the review is ready to be viewed but it’s still a work in progress because the Megatron pics with Magnus aren’t uploaded to the review yet. I’ll try and post a link to the finished review sometime tomorrow when I get home from work so you’ll be able to see it with the pics of Masterpiece Megatron.

I fucking hate Yahoo Geocities. If anything sucks ass it’s Yahoo Geocities.

Fort (Brave) Max review is up

Just click here to check it out.


I’m kind of pissed off though because I, once again, didn’t get to post a couple of pictures that I wanted to post thanks to Yahoo Geocities sucking ass. Shit. I really need to get a new website provider. If you know of any decent websites that offer a pagebuilder (I suck at HTML) let me know.