Review of G1 Tailgate

So here’s another “short and sweet review,” this time it’s of G1 Tailgate, one of my favorite Transformers figures from my childhood.

With 150% less shaky cam than my Classics Prowl review!!!!


(US) Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod Review

So here we take a look at the US version of Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod in all his Judd Nelson-ish glory. Does this figure have “The Touch” or does he suck worse than Revenge of the Fallen? Check out the review for yourself!!!

Part 1: Character Introduction:

Part 2: Robot Mode:

Part 3:  Vehicle Mode:

Part 4: Gimmicks/Final Thoughts

Fortress Maximus/Brave Maximus Video Review

Finally we get a video review of a Transformer on a site dedicated to Transformers, how about that?

And not just any Transformer, the grand poohbah himself, Brave Maximus/Fortress Maximus. The Holy Grail of all Transformers, the big daddy himself.

This review is in 3 parts, the first is a review of the robot mode:

Then we get a look at the “Head Robots” Cerebros and Spike:

And finally we get Fortress/Brave Maximus in arguably his most popular form:

That’s where I give my final recommendation and thoughts on the figure overall and whether or not I can recommend him for collectors.

Medicom Spider-Man review

So I finished my Medicom Spider-Man Review. As I said, this review of the Medicom Spider-Man is different from 99.99% of the other reviews of this guy because I actually address the main issue with the older Medicom figures that guys like Michael Crawford are afraid to discuss and that is…

…they break faster than $2 Optimus Prime KOs from Guatemala.

That’s not to say they’re horrible and worthless. On the contrary, they’re actually quite cool. “$60 cool” but not “$150 cool.”


“How dare you make fun of my Manhattan Mullet?”

Apparently the “breaking issues” with the older Medicom figures are pretty common and you can find entire forums devoted to discussing how much Medicom figures actually suck if you Google search long enough (and I include links to these forums in the review) but do guys like Crawford talk about that issue? Nope. He just recommends you spend the big bucks on the overrated crap.

Anyway, you can find the review here. Agree or disagree with my final assessment? Leave a comment here and let me know what you think.

Back in ’08 with New Reviews and More Plastic Crack!!!

So I’m sure the one or two of you who check this site regularly are probably wondering if I died or did indeed decide to quit reviewing the “plastic crack.”

As you can clearly see neither one of those assumptions is accurate at this time.

What happened was my parents borrowed the digital camera for a couple of months so I have been without the critical tool I need to review toys. I have the camera back now though and I will hopefully be able to borrow it for the next couple of months so expect more reviews in ’08, my first being the Medicom Spider-Man figure that came out a couple of years ago. Now, I know what you’re saying…”I’ve already read a ton of reviews about Medicom Spider-Man!”

That may be true but this review promises to discuss a rather controversial issue with the figure that other reviewers are often hesitant to tackle. Needless to say it’s an issue that really needs to be discussed more often as it really could make or break the decision for potential buyers to buy our Mr. Parker here.

Also expect a Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 12” Jack Sparrow review as well as a review of Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream.


(Click on the picture above to see it larger and in a better resolution)

The Energon Shockwave Review is Done!!!

So I finally finished my Energon Shockblast Energon Shockwave review. This is another rare figure that earns its place on the worth buying AND Hall of Shame lists.

Energon Shockwave (I refuse to call him Shockblast because we all know he’s Shockwave) is basically a really cool figure that would have been a lot better if he were given a tab connector in his waist and better alt modes. Like Redeco Starscream before him though, he looks great next to figures like Soundwave and Masterpiece Megatron. (Click on the picture and you’ll see it larger and in better resolution.)

Just click here to read the review.

And before you say it…I am indeed aware of the fact this figure’s been out a couple of years. I don’t see anything wrong with that though because this figure still goes for big bucks on eBay and it’s worth reviewing.

G1 Redeco Starscream Review and Gallery are done

So I just finished my Redeco Starscream review and I have to say it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. It took about five hours because I had to upload all of my photos, crop an edit them and then create smaller versions of them for the “thumbnail gallery.” I then had to upload everything to my webspace and make sure the smaller gallery linked to the full-sized gallery correctly.


I’m just really amazed by how AMAZING Masterpiece Megatron looks in this here photo. This was one of two or three pics in the set that turned out to be unintentionally amazing. (Click on the photo to see it larger and in better resolution).

This figure is really a letdown (thanks in part to his horrible Hitler ‘stache) but it looks great next to figures like Soundwave, Shockwave, and MP Megatron. I recommend buying him if you see him at Target but I really don’t recommend paying the inflated eBay rates if you can’t find him there. He’s one of the only figures I would put on both my “Hall of Shame list” and my “buy it if you see it” list.

At any rate, click here to check out the review and let me know what ‘ya think.

Alternators Prowl Review

I finally finished the Alternators Prowl Review. It took me a hell of a lot longer than it should have but that’s not my fault. Blame Yahoo Geocities. Anyway, Alternators Prowl is a great figure.


I was lucky and I won him off of CrackBay for a reasonable price. After transforming the figure a couple of times and putting it in different poses I have to say it’s not as good as I thought it would be. The detail on the car is really great but the figure just looks really boring compared to how great the prototype looked when the figure was announced a couple of years ago. I just…I hate his pants. And by pants I mean legs. His legs just look like weird “jean chaps” with that weird blue color scheme. They should have painted the blue parts black in my opinion. Is it worth buying though? Certainly but I would advise trying to find one for $40. The typical $80-$100 price the figure goes for on CrackBay just isn’t worth it.

Anyway, you can find the more detailed review here. I’m finally changing the format of my reviews around so I’m going to have more “thumbnail galleries” from now on. The page of the Prowl review kind of goes on forever after the review and the gallery end so you’ll just have to ignore that part. Anyway, click here to check the review out and be sure to post a comment if you agree/disagree with the review. By the way you can see the pictures in this post in a higher resolution if you click on them.



The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and Gallery are Finally Done!!!

So I was finally able to upload the last pictures for the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review. Check it out here.


There are a lot of pictures in the gallery and the pictures take a little time to load so you might want to check this review out on a high-speed computer. (Don’t, in other words, look at this review on your Grandma’s dial-up connection).


It’s a great figure and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Ultra Magnus or his “White Optimus” paint scheme. MP UM is MUCH MUCH more than a simple repaint. He actually looks better than MP Optimus Prime if you ask me.


So…yeah. Check out the review and the gallery to get some more info on this great figure. You can also click on the pictures in this review to see them in a better resolution and size.


So The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and gallery are up. They aren’t finished, but they are available to check out

So I’ve finished my Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review and I didn’t finish the review, if that makes any sense. I’ve written everything I wanted to write about the figure but I, thanks to the shitty technical errors I’ve been getting from Yahoo Geocities, didn’t get to post all of the pictures I wanted to post.


My review, in other words, is done, but it’s not done because I still want to put some pictures of Masterpiece Prime with Masterpiece Megatron in the review and I haven’t been able to do that. The written review and the pics of Ultra Magnus with movie Prime are ready to be viewed though so you can check that out here. So the review is ready to be viewed but it’s still a work in progress because the Megatron pics with Magnus aren’t uploaded to the review yet. I’ll try and post a link to the finished review sometime tomorrow when I get home from work so you’ll be able to see it with the pics of Masterpiece Megatron.

I fucking hate Yahoo Geocities. If anything sucks ass it’s Yahoo Geocities.