More Comic Con Pics

As promised, here are the rest of the pics of the SG1 cast from the third day of the con.

More pics behind the cut!!!

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SDCC Day 3

I have to say that the panels I went to today were awesome and they really made the trip worth it. The Stargate SG1 Continuum panel was the most awesome thing of all-time and I’m not just kidding around or being sarcastic. Richard Dean Anderson rocked. He was incredibly funny and entertaining and was very O’Neillesque. Seeing Anderson in action really made me realize that O’neill is one of those rare characters that was modeled more on his respective actor’s personality than by a writer’s imagination. That made his participation in the panel really fun to watch. The other actors were really great as well. SG1 has just about the greatest cast you could ever get for a sci-fi series so the panel was an excellent experience for me overall. Definitely one of the best things I ever experienced at a convention. I bought my tickets to the con solely to see this panel so it was not a letdown.

Pics behind the cut!

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