Bourne Legacy Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my “spoiler-heavy” review of Bourne Legacy.

I also talk about Cybcon at the end of the review. Cybcon is a Transformers convention coming up that’s going to be at a hotel/convention center in Tacoma Washington. I’m going to be there as a dealer (looking to sell my Brave Maximus and some other loose TFs) but I’m going to be shooting some stuff for my site as well. So if you’re a local fan looking for a pic or an autograph I’ll be there and Wolfman Jack might be there as well…


The Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my spoiler-heavy review where I praise the things I liked about the movie and nitpick the two orĀ  three things I didn’t (I’ll just say they might involve Bane):

And because I forgot a couple things, here’s a quick video where I talk about the two or three things I forgot to mention in my “Spoilerrific Review”