Season 2 Promo

So here’s the promo for Season 2 of the Transformers & other Plastic Crack Blip series. Watch below!!!


Once again I find myself pimping the Facebook Page for this site.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again, I made a Facebook page for this site a while back and I’ve been promoting it here and there but figured it wouldn’t hurt to promote it some more. So here’s the link to the site and also…

…the commercial for the Facebook page

A Quick Plug Video to promote a friend’s custom work, some news on a new “Wolfman Jack” video in the works and more…

So I told a friend of mine I’d promote his custom work here as long as he “liked” the official Facebook page for this site. So without further ado, here’s a quick vid I made, showcasing some of his work:

I also discuss a new “Wolfman Jack” video that’s in the works since he’s proving to be a pretty popular “breakout character” for the site and I, once again, plug the Facebook page for this site.

You can check out Decade’s custom work at his Facebook page:

You can also check out the Facebook page for this site as well:

And as always, you can e-mail your suggestions, review suggestions, critiques and praise to our new e-mail address:

Thanks for your support, be sure to check out and “like” our Facebook page and tell your friends about it and all that exciting jazz (but not G1 Jazz of course).

Open for (more) business with new site e-mail!!!

How’s it going America? A couple of you diehard fans who’ve been following the site since the beginning know my personal e-mail address and I get your review suggestions there. Most of you, however, started following the site after I decided to stop posting my personal e-mail so you don’t  really have any way of reaching me besides leaving comments on my page. Fear not though, I’ve created a new e-mail for site suggestions, review suggestions, your rants and raves, etc. Just e-mail all your love (and hate) mail and I’ll be sure to read as many e-mails as I can and work on your suggestions or review choices. Also, we have a forum now! I hope most of you who are fans of this page will check it out and sign up for an account as we only have two people registered right now (and one of them is me). So yeah, be sure to send whatever you want to the new e-mail address and be sure to sign up for my forum as well.

Thanks again for the support everyone!!!

V-Log 6/26/2012: RIP Nora Ephron, New Segment for Sean at the Movies

Rest in Peace Nora Ephron

It is with much sadness that I have to report on the death of Nora Ephron. Ephron is responsible for writing some of the classic comedies from the late 80s and early 90s including When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail (as well as the more serious film, Heartburn). As weird as it may sound to some of you out there, I actually grew up watching these movies because my parents were both movie movie buffs who didn’t believe in censoring what we could or couldn’t watch as long as they got to see the movies with us and they weren’t rated X. So while other kids in the second or third grade were watching My Little Pony, my sister and I were diving into the classics such as Heartburn, When Harry Met Sally, Hannah and Her Sisters and other movie classics that would be considered “too adult” for other kids.

While my mother and sister loved Heartburn and Sleepless in Seattle, my favorite Nora Ephron film would have to be When Harry Met Sally. Sally was a great film that focused on characters who were believable and likeable and featured some cynical and dark humor from Harry (Billy Crystal) counterbalanced by some sweet love stories from real-life couples in their 70s and 80s as told to an offscreen filmmaker (or therapist, depending on your interpretation). With all the stupid and cliched films in the Romantic Comedy genre, When Harry Met Sally still stands out to me as a great believable film about finding love after you reach a certain age in your life.

Underrated Classics

Underrated Classics is a new segment I’m going to be working on for Sean at the Movies where I talk about what I feel are the Underrated Classics of television (though I’ll be talking about underrated movies as well). Some of these reviews will be text-based but some of them will be video reviews with clips from the respective underrated movies and TV shows. I’ll discuss the new segment as well as Nora Ephron’s passing in a little more depth in the V-Log Below:

And finally, as promised, here is my favorite scene from When Harry Met Sally, that still makes me laugh (and agree with) to this day:

New Forum and…other…site stuff…

So I signed up for a forum service for the site. Check it out here. I’m brand new to the world of editing/moderating a forum so I won’t have hurt feelings if fifty people don’t sign up at once. It’ll take me a while to figure out how these things work if you smell what The Sean is cooking.

In other Sean News: I’m working on the Metroplex review as well as some Movie/Entertainment stuff for my other site. So don’t worry fans, new stuff IS on the way.