V-Log 05/16/2013: Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

So here’s my review of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Personally I liked this movie better when it was called The Wrath of Khan, but what can you do?


Dredd 3D Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my review of Dredd (2012) with spoilers. While it still isn’t as accurate as fans of the UK comic would like it to be, it’s a great action movie nonetheless and worth your time and $6

V-Log 09/14/2012: Resident Evil: Retribution Review (Spoiler Free)

So here’s my review of Resident Evil: Retribution. As always the spoiler-heavy version is being uploaded to Blip and will be on the site shortly.

New Trailer for “Dredd” Debuts…

Thoughts on this? I personally think it simultaneously looks like it will be a great action movie but will also be corny and cliched, much like the Stallone version (only darker and more accurate to the source material in certain respects and lacking the “comedy” of Rob Schneider)

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My Alternate (Spoiler Heavy) Review of Men in Black III

So now that I’ve gotten my spoiler-free review out of the way, here’s my “spoiler-heavy” review of MIB III in which I rant about Alice Eve being the new “It Girl” and other stuff in the film..