Men in Black III tops Avengers, Les Miserables Trailer Debuts, Kathie Lee Gifford’s gaffe with Martin Short & More!

So here’s my TV/Movie News video for the week of 05/28/2012 in which I discuss Men in Black III beating The Avengers, more info on reshoots for GI: Joe Retaliation, Martin Short’s appearance on the Today Show, Iron Patriot showing up in Iron Man III and more!

Movie News Video (clocks in at just 5 minutes!):

My Thoughts on these News Pieces:

Les Miserables Trailer:

Martin Short/Kathy-Lee Gifford Interview:

Iron Patriot Picture:


V-Log 05-04-2012: My Review of “The Avengers”

So I just got back from seeing The Avengers a little while ago. Did the team assemble and kick ass or were they about as powerful of a team as the cast of The Golden Girls? Check out my review and see for yourself!*

*I’ll be doing a longer and more spoiler-heavy review sometime later, this is a quicker and more succinct review for those who want a quick “see it or skip it” review.