I don’t get it…

Why is it that the most awesome movie-related Transformers toys are the toys based on characters that weren’t even in the movie? Seriously. Mindwipe look badass. Of course, this could all be photoshopped to hell like Prowl was (I still have nightmares over how fugly that figure was). Still though, I’m looking forward to Mindwipe. I will be buying him if I see him.


My (Sorta) Mini-Review of ROTF Leader Prime

So I finally got around to buying the new Leader Prime yesterday. As I said before, I pretty much have zero interest in picking up any of the ROTF stuff because:

A) I hated the movie


B) If you bought the figures from the first movie there’s no need to buy them again because you’re more or less just buying the same molds from the first movie but with uglier and more innacurate paint schemes.

That being said, if you’re avoiding the new Leader Prime thinking he’s the same mold from the first movie just with swords and a new head you’d be wrong. This is actually a completely different mold with more points of articulation and detail and actually looks a lot more like Bay Prime than the first leader figure did. If you’re like me and you’re one of the rare people who actually liked the Bay Prime design I really recommend picking this guy up.

onewillstandonewillfallAs I said, completely different mold and is more screen accurate.

Overall he’s a really great upgrade from the first Leader Prime and that’s coming from someone who actually really liked the first Leader Prime and thought it was one of the best Prime figures Hasbro ever made.

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Preview of Premium Leader Megatron Gallery

After realizing that most of the toys in the Revenge of the Fallen line aren’t worth buying I thought about how controversial the toyline from the first movie was and how people either really loved it or hated it. This got me thinking about the toys I actually liked from the line and it gave me an idea for a post I would like to work on for this site in the near future.*

Needless to say, Premium Leader Megatron will play a major role in this post if I work on it.

Premium Leader Megatron is not only one of my favorite toys from that line but I honestly think he’s one of my favorite Transformers figures ever and I know that’s blasphemous to those of you G1 purists who hate the Bayformers line.

I originally hated First Movie Megatron’s design when I saw the concept pictures and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to be a handgun or a tank. I hated everything about the design and that didn’t change when I saw the movie. After I saw the movie I hated the way he was portrayed just as much as I hated the design. I loved G1 (and Beast Wars) Megatron because he was intelligent as well as powerful and that made him a major threat. Bayformers Megatron just seemed like a stupid indestructible warrior that was like “Me Megatron smash Prime!!!” Over time though and repeated DVD and Blu-Ray viewings, I really started to like the design more and more and I also liked the more vicious and brutish take on the character. Now I think the design is great and is one of the coolest Transformers designs ever. After I really started to fall in love with the design I deciced I wanted Leader Megatron. The only problem was Leader Megatron was given these lame-ass white and purple colors that he didn’t have in the movie. So I decided to go to Amazon.com and pick me up the Premium version and I have to say if you actually love the movie designs, Premium Megatron is the shit. Seriously. I mean, the level of detail is awesome. It’s almost to the Jin Saotome level of quality and detail. So I have decided to devote an entire gallery to him on my personal website sometime soon. For now though I will post a couple of the pictures here so you have a preview of what to expect from that gallery. As always, you will have to click on the pictures to see the full-sized version.

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megs thing of beauty

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

And this is just two or three of twenty or so pictures I took that I will put in a gallery on my other website eventually. So until I have that gallery up, check out these pics here.

*I will get to that review if I can find the time in the near future but that doesn’t always work the way I want it too.

Sideswipe mini-review (or) (Returning Characters Save me Money)

So I, as I said before, am back with some reviews and mini-reviews of the plastic crack we all know and love (or loathe if you hate the Transformers movie line).

When the ROTF toyline was released I was really excited and I ran to my TRU to…not buy anything. Why? Well, here’s the deal: if you loved the Autobots from the first movie and you bought the figures, you really, with the exception of Leader Prime, don’t need to buy the new figures. Why? You would simply be buying repaints and inferior ones at that as far as characters like Ironhide are concerned. There’s nothing really new here. I mean, Bumblebee got a new head sculpt and some weapons and Ironhide got new weapons as well but if you already have the Concept Camaro mold of Bumblebee and the “Premium” Camaro mold as well as the “Stealh Bumblebee” mold from the first movie do you really need another Bumblebee just to get some weapons? Fuck no.

And it’s the same with Ironhide. I like the new weapons, they’re pretty sweet and all, but I’m not going to pay $20+ just for some new weapons. And let’s face it, that’s all you’re going to get with the new Ironhide figure as the paint job from the original movie Ironhide is actually more accurate to his ROTF movie appearance. Why they gave the figure an ugly grey paint job with wierd NEST symbols that actually weren’t on his doors in the movie is beyond me.

“So what about the new characters?” You may ask. Well, here’s the thing about those characters: the new characters, as far as the Decepticons are concerned anyway, suck. I actually really didn’t like Devastator. To me he looked more like a Demonic Megazord than Devastator. So that’s a definite “skip”, especially when you consider he’s $89+ and he’s actually not as big as Fort Max (even though Hasbro claimed he would be). The only Decepticons that are, in my opinion, worth buying, are Leader Megatron (though I would recommend holding out for a “premium” version if Hasbro is indeed going to do one) and Voyager Long Haul (the Green hulking dude who turns into Devastatorzord’s right leg at the end of the movie).

So what about the new Autobots then? Well, I might actually get Jetfire down the line. Though he was pretty cheesy in the new movie, the toy is pretty awesome. I’m also interested in getting Arcee and her “sisters” sometime as well. And, I went ahead and bought Sideswipe. And that brings us to the mini-review of Sideswipe:


Sideswipe is actually a pretty cool figure. I really like the detail and the paint scheme. The silver colors are almost as nice as the colors from the premium figures from the first movie.


(You will, of course, have to click on the picture to see the full-sized version)

The articulation is also pretty awesome though I don’t want to get too far in depth if I do a more detailed review sometime down the line.

cool sideswiper1

His “wings” are pretty cool and I dig the “door swords” as well.


The details in his face are really incredible as well. These pictures don’t really do it justice.

Now the alt mode, on the other hand, is pretty lame. I liked the way the car looked in the movie but the toy version just looks too cartoonish and it doesn’t fit in well with the more realistic and detailed alt modes for characters like Prime and Ironhide. I will, of course, take some pictures of the alt mode sometime down the line if I do a more detailed review.

Now there is also a “Human Alliance” Sideswipe that looks pretty cool and is Alternator size but I won’t be buying it. Why? I bought the Deluxe Sideswipe before I actually saw the movie so once I saw the movie and realized he ony actually got like two lines, I decided one Sideswipe figure would be enough.

So there you have it, that’s kind of my take on the ROTF line in general. There are a couple of new characters here and there that are worth buying but the original characters from the first movie really aren’t worth a purchase if you have the toys from the first movie already. Leader Prime and Megatron are worth buying because the new Leader Prime apparently is an incredible “remold” that is more movie accurate and Megatron is a must (if you actually like the movie version of the character anyway) because has a new vehicle form but the other figures are pretty much the molds from the first movie and really aren’t anything special.

We’re in the Impossible Business here…

One of the cool things about being a crack buyer is that I have a couple of friends who are in the “crack buying business” as well.

Anyway, this buddy of mine told me “You better get Stealth Bumblebee from a Collectibles show or online because he’ll never see retail release.”

“Why is that?” I ask. So my friend launches into an epic explanation that goes something like this: “Hasbro isn’t going to send the last waves of the Transformers movie line to retail stores because the retail stores have boxes and boxes and boxes of unsold Transformers toys in the back and Hasbro isn’t happy about that.”

Apparently my friend heard this from a vendor at this collectibles show he goes to every weekend. I, being the cynic that I am, pretty much said “I think the dude’s wrong. I’ve heard about people getting Stealth Bumblebee and the last figures in the Transformers movie line.” My friend, however, didn’t agree. It was almost as if he thought finding Stealth Bumblebee in the stores was an impossible mission along the lines of finding evidence that proves Michael Jackson is straight.

So I’m strolling through the Target the other night and…what happens? What do I see?

Yeah, that’s right. I found him. I mean, I don’t like to be an “I told you so” guy but, then again, I love to be an “I told you so” guy. I don’t know why. I guess I’m a jerk in that respect. I don’t know.

I don’t really blame my friend here or think he’s foolish for pretty much saying the mission was impossible. No, I blame the vendor and the other people online at different Transformers sites for perpetuating the “Hasbro won’t send the retail stores the last figures” rumor (and I’ve heard that rumor a couple of times now and there’s something about the sheer stupidity of it that just kind of annoys me).

So…yeah. Here at Transformers and Other Plastic Crack we aim to do the impossible. Name a figure in any of the latest Transformers line that’s impossible to find and I bet you I can probably get ’em for you.

When it’s all said and done though I’m not going to be opening Stealth Bumblebee seeing as how I already have two variations of the 09 Camaro mold (Bumblebee and Cliffjumper) and I’d rather just take advantage of the good markup he’s getting on eBay someday and sell him there.

Cliffjumper! Cliffjumper! As the Good Lord as my Witness…It’s Cliffjumper!!!

So we went to see Run Fat Boy Run tonight and then we hit the local comic book store after that. I was looking for some Stargate figures and I noticed they had what is, for me, the Holy Grail of Transformers movie toys in a lonely open box sitting off in a corner.

That’s right, I found All-Spark Cliffjumper. Now, I’m not an idiot here. I’m smart enough to realize he’s just a repaint of the ’09 Camaro but that doesn’t matter to me because he’s a repaint made to resemble one of the most awesome Transformers characters of all-time. I (and I’m sure I said this a couple times before) normally hate repaints but I really love repaints when they’re made to resemble awesome Autobots like Ultra Magnus and Cliffjumper.




I can almost hear Kasem as I look the toy over: “You callin’ me a repaint, punk?” Let me at ’em Prime!”

And Cliffjumper is probably my my favorite character in the Transformers universe next to Ultra Magnus, Ironhide and Megatron (G1 Megatron). He’s the surlier and more kick-ass Bumblebee if you ask me (Cliffjumper and Bumblebee transformed into different vehicles in the G1 cartoon but their robot forms where nearly identical). I always loved his kick-ass got more guts than brains attitude and it’s just hilarious how he could just pull out a giant gun out of nowhere and then still manage to miss Megatron regardless of the fact THAT HE HAD A SCOPE

I also thought that Casey Kasem did an awesome job with the voice acting so I think that added to Cliffy’s awesomeness. He sounded like a pussy when he did Shaggy and Robin but he somehow managed to make Cliffjumper sound like a major badass. Not as big of a bad-ass as Cullen’s Prime or Welker’s Megatron but it was a really cool tone for the little bot nonetheless.

Anyway, expect some more detailed photos of Cliffjumper in the future. While I doubt I’ll do a full on review, I will definitely make a gallery page for him because he really is one of the better movie toys even if he is just a repaint.

By the way, if you can tell me which overexcited (and over the top) announcer I make fun of in the titles of most of my posts I will give you the Sean No-Prize.

Yes, Scalpers exist. They exist even in a place like Oly…

So I got some insider information about the Iron Man movie figures a couple of days ago and I found out that they were going to be released today. So I went to the TRU a little earlier tonight and I found the big Iron Man display but the display had been raped pretty thoroughly. Seriously. It really looked like someone just went right to the display and bought everything. And it didn’t look like it was a kid or a collector. No, it looked like it was the work of a scalper who knew what he or she was doing. Luckily there was still one of each figure from the first series in the display so I was able to get all three Iron Men (he has three different suits of armor in the movie) plus a “quick change” version where you see Robert Downey Jr’s face and I got what I’m assuming is the villain of the piece (this robot suit called the “Iron Monger”).


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Ultra Magnus! Ultra Magnus! Ultra Magnus!

So I was walking through the Target the other week when I saw Nightwatch Prime Ultra Magnus.


I’m not big on buying the endless re-releases of theĀ  Leader Prime movie mold but I had to buy Nightwatch Prime because this is as close as we’re going to get to an Ultra Magnus toy in the movie toy line. And I’m calling this guy Ultra Magnus. I don’t care if the box says Nightwatch Prime. We all know this is really Ultra Magnus with that color scheme.

And Movie Ultra Magnus is pretty badass so far. If you like Ultra Magnus you should definitely buy this guy before the fuckers scalpers do.




You can almost hear Robert Stack now…“I am just a repaint, Prime.”



So I’m not big on repaints but this guy has to be one of the coolest repaints ever. Until Hasbro decides to do a movie Magnus repaint of Prime, this guy will be considered Ultra Magnus in my book. Expect a review of this guy sometime soon as I do think he is more or less the “Holy Grail”of the movie stuff so far.

G1 Redeco Starscream Review and Gallery are done

So I just finished my Redeco Starscream review and I have to say it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. It took about five hours because I had to upload all of my photos, crop an edit them and then create smaller versions of them for the “thumbnail gallery.” I then had to upload everything to my webspace and make sure the smaller gallery linked to the full-sized gallery correctly.


I’m just really amazed by how AMAZING Masterpiece Megatron looks in this here photo. This was one of two or three pics in the set that turned out to be unintentionally amazing. (Click on the photo to see it larger and in better resolution).

This figure is really a letdown (thanks in part to his horrible Hitler ‘stache) but it looks great next to figures like Soundwave, Shockwave, and MP Megatron. I recommend buying him if you see him at Target but I really don’t recommend paying the inflated eBay rates if you can’t find him there. He’s one of the only figures I would put on both my “Hall of Shame list” and my “buy it if you see it” list.

At any rate, click here to check out the review and let me know what ‘ya think.