It’s funny how $20 or $30 really makes the difference…

I was doing some web surfing before bed the other night (and yes I do know how cheesy that term is) and I happened to stumble upon an interesting Seibertron topic. Apparently Wal-Mart isn’t releasing US MP Starscream as a “Black Friday” exclusive after all.


He’s now in stock at several Wal-Marts across the United States and a couple of collectors here and there were able to snag him up.

I was really happy to hear that but I was also concerned because I know how quickly scalpers pounce on the exclusive figures and sell them at ridiculous markups before us “Transfans” have a chance to get them.

And…sadly enough…I was right. I headed over to the ‘ole Crackbay after I saw the forum on Seibertron and I realized that scalpers are indeed selling him at a $120-$150 price even though he retails for $40.

Right then and there I decided that I’m not going to pay $120 or more on the figure and that no figure is worth that to me anymore.

I thought about it for a while later on though and I realized that I actually would be willing to pay $100 for him after all. I wouldn’t pay $120 for him but I’d pay $100 for him.

So it is, as I said in the title, funny how another $20-$30 really makes the difference sometimes.