G1 Metroplex Review

So here it is, my review of G1 Metroplex, one of the most requested figures to be reviewed. I apologize it took so long to get this review done, hopefully y’all will enjoy it. It’s a fairly long review as I didn’t feel like splitting his alt modes into separate videos so with that being said, sit back, relax grab a snack and enjoy the review!


Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (or) Movie Masters Dark Knight figures have been spotted (and bought by Sean-Man)

So I had to take care of some PITA business at Bank of America last Saturday since they’re open until 1 on Saturday afternoons, and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to catch the bus I wanted to get back home so I figured I would dick around the nearby Toys ‘R Us to kill some time before the next bus got to the mall and I was there right when they were putting these figures on the shelves:

That’s right folks, I was able to snag TWO Catwoman figures:

As well as Alfred Pennyworth:

I also shot a quick “Hauls Video” where I show these guys off. I haven’t opened any of these figures yet though so this isn’t exactly an “unboxing” video:

Once again, I offer you a taste of things to come…

So I have another video review in the works of one of the most popular and requested G1 figures to have ever been released. They weren’t in the original series that often but the toy remains one of the holy grail pieces as far as Transformers figures are concerned. So who is the character I’m talking about? Watch the teaser below!

(US) Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod Review

So here we take a look at the US version of Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod in all his Judd Nelson-ish glory. Does this figure have “The Touch” or does he suck worse than Revenge of the Fallen? Check out the review for yourself!!!

Part 1: Character Introduction:

Part 2: Robot Mode:

Part 3:  Vehicle Mode:

Part 4: Gimmicks/Final Thoughts

News on Upcoming Reviews

Hello everyone in Crackland, below is a video giving some details on upcoming Transformers related video reviews. Expect to see a review of Metroplex, (maybe) Trypticon, (US) Masterpiece Hot Rod/Rodimus, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus as well as a couple of my favorite playsets (the Power Rangers Command Center, the GI Joe “Pit” and others) and a couple holy grail figures that I’ve gotten requests for, one being Medicom Spider-Man and the other being a surprise (all I can say is that the figure is HUGE and is the most-viewed thing on this site).

Fortress Maximus/Brave Maximus Video Review

Finally we get a video review of a Transformer on a site dedicated to Transformers, how about that?

And not just any Transformer, the grand poohbah himself, Brave Maximus/Fortress Maximus. The Holy Grail of all Transformers, the big daddy himself.

This review is in 3 parts, the first is a review of the robot mode:

Then we get a look at the “Head Robots” Cerebros and Spike:

And finally we get Fortress/Brave Maximus in arguably his most popular form:

That’s where I give my final recommendation and thoughts on the figure overall and whether or not I can recommend him for collectors.

A look at my Comic Collection Part 3: “B Team” X-Men Spin-Offs

So here we take a look at some of the “B-Team” X-Men spin-offs such as Excalibur, New Mutants/X-Force and X-Factor.


New Mutants/X-Force


As I’ve said before, more Transformers reviews ARE COMING! In the mean-time check these vids out if you’re into old Marvel stuff.

A Taste of Things to Come

So I’m sure some of you out there don’t care if I’m a geek of all trades and that I like comics and movies in addition to enjoying Transformers figures. You just want to see video reviews of Transformers damnit! Well you will get your wish shortly, enjoy this teaser of my upcoming review of a G1 classic!