Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (or) Movie Masters Dark Knight figures have been spotted (and bought by Sean-Man)

So I had to take care of some PITA business at Bank of America last Saturday since they’re open until 1 on Saturday afternoons, and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to catch the bus I wanted to get back home so I figured I would dick around the nearby Toys ‘R Us to kill some time before the next bus got to the mall and I was there right when they were putting these figures on the shelves:

That’s right folks, I was able to snag TWO Catwoman figures:

As well as Alfred Pennyworth:

I also shot a quick “Hauls Video” where I show these guys off. I haven’t opened any of these figures yet though so this isn’t exactly an “unboxing” video:


(US) Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod Review

So here we take a look at the US version of Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod in all his Judd Nelson-ish glory. Does this figure have “The Touch” or does he suck worse than Revenge of the Fallen? Check out the review for yourself!!!

Part 1: Character Introduction:

Part 2: Robot Mode:

Part 3:  Vehicle Mode:

Part 4: Gimmicks/Final Thoughts

We’re in the Impossible Business here…

One of the cool things about being a crack buyer is that I have a couple of friends who are in the “crack buying business” as well.

Anyway, this buddy of mine told me “You better get Stealth Bumblebee from a Collectibles show or online because he’ll never see retail release.”

“Why is that?” I ask. So my friend launches into an epic explanation that goes something like this: “Hasbro isn’t going to send the last waves of the Transformers movie line to retail stores because the retail stores have boxes and boxes and boxes of unsold Transformers toys in the back and Hasbro isn’t happy about that.”

Apparently my friend heard this from a vendor at this collectibles show he goes to every weekend. I, being the cynic that I am, pretty much said “I think the dude’s wrong. I’ve heard about people getting Stealth Bumblebee and the last figures in the Transformers movie line.” My friend, however, didn’t agree. It was almost as if he thought finding Stealth Bumblebee in the stores was an impossible mission along the lines of finding evidence that proves Michael Jackson is straight.

So I’m strolling through the Target the other night and…what happens? What do I see?

Yeah, that’s right. I found him. I mean, I don’t like to be an “I told you so” guy but, then again, I love to be an “I told you so” guy. I don’t know why. I guess I’m a jerk in that respect. I don’t know.

I don’t really blame my friend here or think he’s foolish for pretty much saying the mission was impossible. No, I blame the vendor and the other people online at different Transformers sites for perpetuating the “Hasbro won’t send the retail stores the last figures” rumor (and I’ve heard that rumor a couple of times now and there’s something about the sheer stupidity of it that just kind of annoys me).

So…yeah. Here at Transformers and Other Plastic Crack we aim to do the impossible. Name a figure in any of the latest Transformers line that’s impossible to find and I bet you I can probably get ’em for you.

When it’s all said and done though I’m not going to be opening Stealth Bumblebee seeing as how I already have two variations of the 09 Camaro mold (Bumblebee and Cliffjumper) and I’d rather just take advantage of the good markup he’s getting on eBay someday and sell him there.

So Many Geeky Things to Write about…

And, as the lame expression goes, so little time.

So I moved into my new place. I said I’d have some photos of the new place and I usually do what I say I’m going to do so they’ll show up here eventually. Probably.

I also went to the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and I felt that was worth blogging about here. This was my first ever comic convention but it was the second convention I’ve been to in my life (I went to a Star Trek Convention when I was in the fourth grade). Thankfully there weren’t as many freaky/creepy geek stereotypes there so I didn’t have to feel too weirded out (the full-on stereotypical “Comic Book Guy” kind of stereotypes just seriously freak me out for some reason and I’m really not kidding you there). The really cool thing about the convention was the fact that it gave me the opportunity to meet one of my heroes JMS (J. Michael Straczynski) and it gave me the chance to get a photo with Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy and Angel), one of my favorite actresses from the Buffyverse.

(More pics and info behind the cut)

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Cliffjumper! Cliffjumper! As the Good Lord as my Witness…It’s Cliffjumper!!!

So we went to see Run Fat Boy Run tonight and then we hit the local comic book store after that. I was looking for some Stargate figures and I noticed they had what is, for me, the Holy Grail of Transformers movie toys in a lonely open box sitting off in a corner.

That’s right, I found All-Spark Cliffjumper. Now, I’m not an idiot here. I’m smart enough to realize he’s just a repaint of the ’09 Camaro but that doesn’t matter to me because he’s a repaint made to resemble one of the most awesome Transformers characters of all-time. I (and I’m sure I said this a couple times before) normally hate repaints but I really love repaints when they’re made to resemble awesome Autobots like Ultra Magnus and Cliffjumper.




I can almost hear Kasem as I look the toy over: “You callin’ me a repaint, punk?” Let me at ’em Prime!”

And Cliffjumper is probably my my favorite character in the Transformers universe next to Ultra Magnus, Ironhide and Megatron (G1 Megatron). He’s the surlier and more kick-ass Bumblebee if you ask me (Cliffjumper and Bumblebee transformed into different vehicles in the G1 cartoon but their robot forms where nearly identical). I always loved his kick-ass got more guts than brains attitude and it’s just hilarious how he could just pull out a giant gun out of nowhere and then still manage to miss Megatron regardless of the fact THAT HE HAD A SCOPE

I also thought that Casey Kasem did an awesome job with the voice acting so I think that added to Cliffy’s awesomeness. He sounded like a pussy when he did Shaggy and Robin but he somehow managed to make Cliffjumper sound like a major badass. Not as big of a bad-ass as Cullen’s Prime or Welker’s Megatron but it was a really cool tone for the little bot nonetheless.

Anyway, expect some more detailed photos of Cliffjumper in the future. While I doubt I’ll do a full on review, I will definitely make a gallery page for him because he really is one of the better movie toys even if he is just a repaint.

By the way, if you can tell me which overexcited (and over the top) announcer I make fun of in the titles of most of my posts I will give you the Sean No-Prize.

Medicom Spider-Man review

So I finished my Medicom Spider-Man Review. As I said, this review of the Medicom Spider-Man is different from 99.99% of the other reviews of this guy because I actually address the main issue with the older Medicom figures that guys like Michael Crawford are afraid to discuss and that is…

…they break faster than $2 Optimus Prime KOs from Guatemala.

That’s not to say they’re horrible and worthless. On the contrary, they’re actually quite cool. “$60 cool” but not “$150 cool.”


“How dare you make fun of my Manhattan Mullet?”

Apparently the “breaking issues” with the older Medicom figures are pretty common and you can find entire forums devoted to discussing how much Medicom figures actually suck if you Google search long enough (and I include links to these forums in the review) but do guys like Crawford talk about that issue? Nope. He just recommends you spend the big bucks on the overrated crap.

Anyway, you can find the review here. Agree or disagree with my final assessment? Leave a comment here and let me know what you think.

It’s funny how $20 or $30 really makes the difference…

I was doing some web surfing before bed the other night (and yes I do know how cheesy that term is) and I happened to stumble upon an interesting Seibertron topic. Apparently Wal-Mart isn’t releasing US MP Starscream as a “Black Friday” exclusive after all.


He’s now in stock at several Wal-Marts across the United States and a couple of collectors here and there were able to snag him up.

I was really happy to hear that but I was also concerned because I know how quickly scalpers pounce on the exclusive figures and sell them at ridiculous markups before us “Transfans” have a chance to get them.

And…sadly enough…I was right. I headed over to the ‘ole Crackbay after I saw the forum on Seibertron and I realized that scalpers are indeed selling him at a $120-$150 price even though he retails for $40.

Right then and there I decided that I’m not going to pay $120 or more on the figure and that no figure is worth that to me anymore.

I thought about it for a while later on though and I realized that I actually would be willing to pay $100 for him after all. I wouldn’t pay $120 for him but I’d pay $100 for him.

So it is, as I said in the title, funny how another $20-$30 really makes the difference sometimes.

The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and Gallery are Finally Done!!!

So I was finally able to upload the last pictures for the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review. Check it out here.


There are a lot of pictures in the gallery and the pictures take a little time to load so you might want to check this review out on a high-speed computer. (Don’t, in other words, look at this review on your Grandma’s dial-up connection).


It’s a great figure and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Ultra Magnus or his “White Optimus” paint scheme. MP UM is MUCH MUCH more than a simple repaint. He actually looks better than MP Optimus Prime if you ask me.


So…yeah. Check out the review and the gallery to get some more info on this great figure. You can also click on the pictures in this review to see them in a better resolution and size.


Fort (Brave) Max review is up

Just click here to check it out.


I’m kind of pissed off though because I, once again, didn’t get to post a couple of pictures that I wanted to post thanks to Yahoo Geocities sucking ass. Shit. I really need to get a new website provider. If you know of any decent websites that offer a pagebuilder (I suck at HTML) let me know.