Review of Transformers Classics/Universe Prowl

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to review this guy so without further ado, here’s the video review:

To say this guy isn’t one of my favorite figures from the Classics Line would be the understatement of the century. Thing is though, I don’t judge him for what he is so much as I judge him for what he isn’t.

Also, I apologize for the super-shaky cam thing going on with this review. Usually I’m holding my phone in one hand and posing the figure in the other, hence the shaky cam, but most of my reviews are still fairly steady. Don’t know why I had the seizure-ish thing going on with this one, won’t happen in the next review, Scout’s honor (even though I was never a scout).



…If you have to create a “how to fix it” guide right after the product you enjoy just got released, the product isn’t worth defending, isn’t it?

I’m just having a good laugh at all the idiots who had to run out and buy the new Transformers: Animated stuff the day it came out. Did they learn nothing about the horrible “quality control” issues the first wave of the movie line had?

See, this (news that the new toyline is pretty shitty after all) is crushing to me on one hand and really a major relief on the other because I’ll be able to save money this summer after all. And that’s a good thing considering I’m considering getting Medicom Bruce Lee, Sideshow Indy and the second wave of Stargate Atlantis figures.

I’m also going to the San Diego comic con and I’m going to shell out some big bucks for good seats when The Phantom of The Opera hits Seattle in September so…I’m grateful for Hasbro for sucking, for once. Thank goodness for cheap quality shit, eh?

The Energon Shockwave Review is Done!!!

So I finally finished my Energon Shockblast Energon Shockwave review. This is another rare figure that earns its place on the worth buying AND Hall of Shame lists.

Energon Shockwave (I refuse to call him Shockblast because we all know he’s Shockwave) is basically a really cool figure that would have been a lot better if he were given a tab connector in his waist and better alt modes. Like Redeco Starscream before him though, he looks great next to figures like Soundwave and Masterpiece Megatron. (Click on the picture and you’ll see it larger and in better resolution.)

Just click here to read the review.

And before you say it…I am indeed aware of the fact this figure’s been out a couple of years. I don’t see anything wrong with that though because this figure still goes for big bucks on eBay and it’s worth reviewing.

G1 Redeco Starscream Review and Gallery are done

So I just finished my Redeco Starscream review and I have to say it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. It took about five hours because I had to upload all of my photos, crop an edit them and then create smaller versions of them for the “thumbnail gallery.” I then had to upload everything to my webspace and make sure the smaller gallery linked to the full-sized gallery correctly.


I’m just really amazed by how AMAZING Masterpiece Megatron looks in this here photo. This was one of two or three pics in the set that turned out to be unintentionally amazing. (Click on the photo to see it larger and in better resolution).

This figure is really a letdown (thanks in part to his horrible Hitler ‘stache) but it looks great next to figures like Soundwave, Shockwave, and MP Megatron. I recommend buying him if you see him at Target but I really don’t recommend paying the inflated eBay rates if you can’t find him there. He’s one of the only figures I would put on both my “Hall of Shame list” and my “buy it if you see it” list.

At any rate, click here to check out the review and let me know what ‘ya think.

War Within Two-Pack Review

So I thought I’d post a link to my “War Within Two-Pack” reviewI wrote a couple weeks back. The “War Within” two-pack (a Toys ‘R Us exclusive) is pretty cool but it’s not really worth the $29.99 price tag. Optimus still has the same issues he did as a solo Titanium figure. His arms snap off when you want to transform him and his chest is floppy.

Megatron, on the other hand, is love.


A great figure and a wonderful tribute to to the G1 incarnation. You can read the full review here and get a glimpse at a couple more awesome photos of the set.