A Quick Plug Video to promote a friend’s custom work, some news on a new “Wolfman Jack” video in the works and more…

So I told a friend of mine I’d promote his custom work here as long as he “liked” the official Facebook page for this site. So without further ado, here’s a quick vid I made, showcasing some of his work:

I also discuss a new “Wolfman Jack” video that’s in the works since he’s proving to be a pretty popular “breakout character” for the site and I, once again, plug the Facebook page for this site.

You can check out Decade’s custom work at his Facebook page:

You can also check out the Facebook page for this site as well:

And as always, you can e-mail your suggestions, review suggestions, critiques and praise to our new e-mail address: cracktransformers@gmail.com

Thanks for your support, be sure to check out and “like” our Facebook page and tell your friends about it and all that exciting jazz (but not G1 Jazz of course).


G1 Metroplex Review

So here it is, my review of G1 Metroplex, one of the most requested figures to be reviewed. I apologize it took so long to get this review done, hopefully y’all will enjoy it. It’s a fairly long review as I didn’t feel like splitting his alt modes into separate videos so with that being said, sit back, relax grab a snack and enjoy the review!

Once again, I offer you a taste of things to come…

So I have another video review in the works of one of the most popular and requested G1 figures to have ever been released. They weren’t in the original series that often but the toy remains one of the holy grail pieces as far as Transformers figures are concerned. So who is the character I’m talking about? Watch the teaser below!

Review of Transformers Classics/Universe Prowl

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to review this guy so without further ado, here’s the video review:

To say this guy isn’t one of my favorite figures from the Classics Line would be the understatement of the century. Thing is though, I don’t judge him for what he is so much as I judge him for what he isn’t.

Also, I apologize for the super-shaky cam thing going on with this review. Usually I’m holding my phone in one hand and posing the figure in the other, hence the shaky cam, but most of my reviews are still fairly steady. Don’t know why I had the seizure-ish thing going on with this one, won’t happen in the next review, Scout’s honor (even though I was never a scout).

(US) Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod Review

So here we take a look at the US version of Masterpiece Rodimus/Hotrod in all his Judd Nelson-ish glory. Does this figure have “The Touch” or does he suck worse than Revenge of the Fallen? Check out the review for yourself!!!

Part 1: Character Introduction:

Part 2: Robot Mode:

Part 3:  Vehicle Mode:

Part 4: Gimmicks/Final Thoughts

News on Upcoming Reviews

Hello everyone in Crackland, below is a video giving some details on upcoming Transformers related video reviews. Expect to see a review of Metroplex, (maybe) Trypticon, (US) Masterpiece Hot Rod/Rodimus, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus as well as a couple of my favorite playsets (the Power Rangers Command Center, the GI Joe “Pit” and others) and a couple holy grail figures that I’ve gotten requests for, one being Medicom Spider-Man and the other being a surprise (all I can say is that the figure is HUGE and is the most-viewed thing on this site).