Amazing Spider-Man Re-Review, some Site News and a Quick Farewell to Andy Griffith

So I didn’t really care too much for the way my Amazing Spider-Man review turned out and it looks like it was one of my least popular Blip videos in terms of views (according to my site stats anyway) so I thought I’d shoot a quicker/more concise version and post it here:

Also, I thought I’d say my farewell respects to Andy Griffith, one of my favorite veteran television actors:

And now for some site news. We have a Facebook page now!!! Check it out, be sure to “like” it, share it with your friends, whatever. I’m going to be shooting a quick commercial for the page a little later today and will post that once it’s done. Still working on my Thor figure review, once that’s done I’ll be shooting another one of the most requested figures to be reviewed…the Ultrazord!

The Ultrazord knows what fans want to see…

I’m also working on some other Transformers-related reviews such as a review of Classics Sunstreaker as well as Alternators (“Jean Chaps”) Prowl. So keep checking out the site for updates and be sure to let me know what you think or what you want to see reviewed. We have a new e-mail address now, so you can send all your review suggestions there as well as your praise and/or criticism. (Hopefully you’ll just tell me how handsome and awesome I am and that my reviews are perfect the way they are. I can dream, right?)


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