Open for (more) business with new site e-mail!!!

How’s it going America? A couple of you diehard fans who’ve been following the site since the beginning know my personal e-mail address and I get your review suggestions there. Most of you, however, started following the site after I decided to stop posting my personal e-mail so you don’t  really have any way of reaching me besides leaving comments on my page. Fear not though, I’ve created a new e-mail for site suggestions, review suggestions, your rants and raves, etc. Just e-mail all your love (and hate) mail and I’ll be sure to read as many e-mails as I can and work on your suggestions or review choices. Also, we have a forum now! I hope most of you who are fans of this page will check it out and sign up for an account as we only have two people registered right now (and one of them is me). So yeah, be sure to send whatever you want to the new e-mail address and be sure to sign up for my forum as well.

Thanks again for the support everyone!!!


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