V-Log 06-18-2012: Quick News Update

I know I’ve been gone the last week or so and have been out of the “reviewing loop” for a while so I thought I would give you a quick update on what I’m working on:

Transformers & other Plastic Crack:

I’m going to be doing the long-awaited Metroplex Review I’ve been talking about the past couple of weeks, as well as a review of two new-ish Thor figures.

X-Men & other Paper Crack:

I’m working on two videos right now. The first one is going to focus on the highlights of my Uncanny X-men comic collection, the second will be a V-Log where I express my thoughts on the revelation that Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern) is gay. I’ve always felt that gay characters in comics have been misrepresented or been portrayed in an exploitative kind of way and I have a cynical sort of feeling that’s where DC is going with this storyline. I’m not gay myself (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say) but I have friends and family members who are gay so this is an issue I have a lot to say about.

Sean at the Movies:

This Friday I’m going to be giving you a review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well as Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. After a week of crappy movie releases it looks like we’re finally (knockin’ on wood) getting a couple of decent movies coming out. I’m also working on a review of Kull: The Conqueror (done in the Nostalgia Critic/Spoony style) as well as a review of the latest Underworld movie to hit blu-ray.

So yeah, busy next couple of weeks for the Sean-Man, be sure to keep watching the videos and letting me know what you think, thanks as always for your viewership!

* And yes, I realize Alan Scott is by no means a new Green Lantern character. I meant to say the “new Green Lantern storyline” but I f**ked up.


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