Review of Target Exclusive Jazz (Movie Jazz in G1 Colors)

So here’s another “short and sweet review” of Movie Jazz in G1 colors from the ’07 movie line.


GI: Joe Retaliation delayed, a Big Bang Star comes out of the closet and a Transformers Extra receives a settlement

So I’m trying out a new segment at my new site where I give my viewers the latest movie/television news once a week each week. In my first vid I talk about GI:Joe Retaliation being delayed until 2013, Jim Parsons coming out and a Transformers: Dark of The Moon extra receiving a big settlement for the horrific accident that took place during the Chicago shoot.

New Site! New Site! New Site!

So I have a new site where I will be posting my movie reviews from here on out. I’ll still be posting them here every so often, don’t get me wrong, but most of them will be exclusive to the new site.

That way my fans who like the movie reviews will get a new site where they can watch my video reviews there whereas the peeps who just want Transformers related stuff will mostly get Transformers-related stuff here.