Yet another New Site!!!

So I just created a new site for all my comic-related stuff, check it out here. If you ever wondered why I call my site “Transformers & other Plastic Crack” it’s because I can’t call it Plastic Crack seeing as how a badass Transformers collector beat me to it with his site. So I did what anyone else would do and I left a comment on one of his entries asking if it would be cool to call my site Transformers & Other Plastic Crack and he said he was honored and/or flattered. It was cool with him. After a while I thought about doing a spin-off site dedicated to my love of comics but I realized he also beat me to the punch with his “Paper Crack” site so that’s why my new site is X-Men & other Paper Crack. While X-Men is in the title, most of the comics I’ll review or look at on the new page will be Marvel stuff from the 60s-90s since that era is, as I’ve said a zillion times, the best era in Marvel Comics and nothing will ever surpass it. So yeah, check out the new site and be sure to like it, comment on the entries and share with your fellow comic book fans.


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