New Feature to the Site!!!

Every so often from here on out I want to do a new feature called “Spotlight On…”

“Spotlight On…” will be articles that will focus on a specific sort of toyline or toy company. My first “Spotlight On…” article here will be…

Hell Yeah! The Toybiz Lord of The Rings figures!!!


The Lord of The Rings toyline by Toybiz is honestly what I’d consider one of the best toylines of all-time for the great detail and articulation of the figures. All other “Movie Toys” that are out now just look like a step-backwards in comparison. The toys were so detailed and they looked so much like the actors it was scary…


Just look at Saruman here. This looks just like Christopher Lee and it looks as good as Sideshow Bust or Medicom figure but…nope. It was an $8 Toybiz 7” figure.

Another great thing about the figures was the paint applications. Toybiz could have cheaped out and just given us solid colors for the figures armor and clothes but they chose multiple color tones and more beaten up and realistic color tones for the figures so things like the weathering in Gimli’s cape would look really believable:


And check out Aragorn’s boots as well:


And let’s not even talk about how beautiful and detailed the Sauron figure was…


Again, this was just an inexpensive Toybiz figure but it looks as awesome as the Sideshow Sauron bust or any Medicom figure out there.

And I love how they put in the little details here and there like how Sauron has his ring:


Hell, even Aragorn has his serpent ring:

beautifuldetailAnd look at how amazingly detailed his costume is and how his hand is “dirty.” I love it!!!

So…yeah. Expect this “Spotlight Review” of the LOTR figures sometime in the near future. It’ll hopefully be followed by a “Spotlight On…” review of…MARVEL LEGENDS!!!!

By the way, you can see larger versions of these images if you click on them.


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