My (Sorta) Mini-Review of ROTF Leader Prime

So I finally got around to buying the new Leader Prime yesterday. As I said before, I pretty much have zero interest in picking up any of the ROTF stuff because:

A) I hated the movie


B) If you bought the figures from the first movie there’s no need to buy them again because you’re more or less just buying the same molds from the first movie but with uglier and more innacurate paint schemes.

That being said, if you’re avoiding the new Leader Prime thinking he’s the same mold from the first movie just with swords and a new head you’d be wrong. This is actually a completely different mold with more points of articulation and detail and actually looks a lot more like Bay Prime than the first leader figure did. If you’re like me and you’re one of the rare people who actually liked the Bay Prime design I really recommend picking this guy up.

onewillstandonewillfallAs I said, completely different mold and is more screen accurate.

Overall he’s a really great upgrade from the first Leader Prime and that’s coming from someone who actually really liked the first Leader Prime and thought it was one of the best Prime figures Hasbro ever made.

He’s not without his flaws here and there though. First off, unlike “Movie 1 Prime” the finger articulation is gone:

downfallofhandsThis means you can’t have him hold MP Prime’s gun or the Matrix.

So in this regard, the first Leader Prime actually beats the new version:

That's what I'm talkin' about

That's what I'm talkin' about

Also, it’s harder for “Prime 2” to do a stoic “Superman Pose” without the damn swords popping out. They’re pretty hard to keep in place.

Other than the thing with the finger/hand articulation though, I think “Prime 2” has the advantage as he seems to have more POA and can do more stances. I generally think a good judge of articulation comes down to whether or not a figure can do my favorite Power Rangersish karate pose I like to put most of my figures in at one point or another and you can do that with this Prime:


And that’s cool because Prime actually did a similar pose in the first movie.

Now as far as the “Alt Modes” are concerned, I couldn’t tell you which figure has the edge truckwise as I haven’t transformed him into the truck nor do I really plan to seeing as how I can just put Prime 1 in Truck mode and Prime 2 in robot mode.

Another cool thing about the new Prime is that his “backpack” is also more accurate. Movie Prime 1’s backpack was one of the only things I really disliked about the figure and now Hasbro has improved it and made it more “screen accurate.” Here are the comparison shots:

100_2646Movie Prime 1

100_2647Movie Prime 2

The new head is pretty awesome as well though I don’t think it’s necessarily new, as I think it was also used for the first Premium Optimus Prime (could be wrong though):


Compare that to Leader Prime 1 and you’ll see that the new Leader Prime is, as I said, more screen accurate:

100_2641That’s not to say that the first Leader Prime head wasn’t cool though. It is pretty awesome in a Powermaster Prime/original G1 Prime figure kind of way but it just wasn’t accurate compared to what Prime looked like on screen.

So all in all the new Prime is pretty awesome and is an upgrade from the first Leader figure in every way. He’s one of the only ROTF figures I really recommend picking up and getting. He’s also on my list of figures I’d love to give a longer and more detailed review of someday.

Yes, they're the Supermen of the Autobots

Yes, they're the Supermen of the Autobots


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