Call me Crazy…

…But I actually think Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch could probably play a pretty awesome Marcus Fenix.

And yes, you’re reading that right. Hobie. From Baywatch. The obnoxious, fruity kid you wished the ‘Hoff would drown. Sure he was annoying and swishy back in the day but the the thing is, meth and ‘roids fucked up his face enough to the point where he could pull off that look.

Also, he’s gotten really fucking huge. I mean…seriously…

If that’s not your Marcus Fenix than I don’t know Marcus Fenix and after three years of playing GoW…trust me…I know Marcus. I mean, I would prefer to see a good actor with some chops playing Fenix but after all the fan rumors of that idiot Batista from the WWE playing the part I think I’d rather see Jackson in the role. He just needs to learn how to do the badass Marcus Fenix voice and get some acting lessons and I think he’d be good to go.

Judge for yourself:

Jeremy Jackson post-Meth and (I’m assuming anyway) ‘Roids

Jeremy Jackson

Marcus Fenix:


I’m telling you, it could work and I think it would be cool. And I honestly mean it (that it could be cool). I, as much as I hated Hobie as a kid, would support that as a GoW fan.


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