Preview of Premium Leader Megatron Gallery

After realizing that most of the toys in the Revenge of the Fallen line aren’t worth buying I thought about how controversial the toyline from the first movie was and how people either really loved it or hated it. This got me thinking about the toys I actually liked from the line and it gave me an idea for a post I would like to work on for this site in the near future.*

Needless to say, Premium Leader Megatron will play a major role in this post if I work on it.

Premium Leader Megatron is not only one of my favorite toys from that line but I honestly think he’s one of my favorite Transformers figures ever and I know that’s blasphemous to those of you G1 purists who hate the Bayformers line.

I originally hated First Movie Megatron’s design when I saw the concept pictures and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to be a handgun or a tank. I hated everything about the design and that didn’t change when I saw the movie. After I saw the movie I hated the way he was portrayed just as much as I hated the design. I loved G1 (and Beast Wars) Megatron because he was intelligent as well as powerful and that made him a major threat. Bayformers Megatron just seemed like a stupid indestructible warrior that was like “Me Megatron smash Prime!!!” Over time though and repeated DVD and Blu-Ray viewings, I really started to like the design more and more and I also liked the more vicious and brutish take on the character. Now I think the design is great and is one of the coolest Transformers designs ever. After I really started to fall in love with the design I deciced I wanted Leader Megatron. The only problem was Leader Megatron was given these lame-ass white and purple colors that he didn’t have in the movie. So I decided to go to and pick me up the Premium version and I have to say if you actually love the movie designs, Premium Megatron is the shit. Seriously. I mean, the level of detail is awesome. It’s almost to the Jin Saotome level of quality and detail. So I have decided to devote an entire gallery to him on my personal website sometime soon. For now though I will post a couple of the pictures here so you have a preview of what to expect from that gallery. As always, you will have to click on the pictures to see the full-sized version.

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megatron makes Prime his bitch

Megs thing of beauty

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

He's an ugly mutt but that's what I like about him

And this is just two or three of twenty or so pictures I took that I will put in a gallery on my other website eventually. So until I have that gallery up, check out these pics here.

*I will get to that review if I can find the time in the near future but that doesn’t always work the way I want it too.


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