First New Review (sort of)

So I thought I’d do a review of the new Wolverine videogame but I think Angry Joe pretty much up summed up my thoughts perfectly:

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And it’s not just the repetitive jungle missions that make this game unworthy of a $60 purchase.  The thing that really makes this game a piece of shit is the total and utter lack of replay value. I’ll elaborate:

First of all this game pretty much FORCES you to use a strategy guide. Why? The villains in this game will ass rape you unless you max out Wolvie’s powers and abilities.  The levels are so vast and there as so many puzzles in each level that you’ll HAVE to use some kind of guide to find everything and you, as I said before, HAVE to get everything if you want to beat the game. But guess what? You start a new game and everything starts over. EVERYTHING. You don’t get to replay the game with all the awesome abilities and powers you had before. So you have to play through the game and do all the stupid side missions and use a fucking strategy guide again. And the levels and side-missions are so long and boring that it’s just not worth it.

So bottom line, if you have a couple of days to kill and you can get a five day rental, rent the game, it’s fun. If you buy this though you may as well just get a Craig’s List hooker for the same amount. Sure you might get VD or Crabs, but it’d be more fun than the side quests and jungle missions.


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