Because You (or, More Accurately, One Person) demanded it: Toynami SDCC Pictures!!!

Because Crazy Steve asked, here are some pics I took from the Toynami Booth at the SDCC.

First up is the Robotech New Generation/Shadow Chronicles stuff:

Here you have the “Ray” Mospeda Bike variant figure of Rand and his Cyclone

An Alpha Fighter

Scott Bernard and his Cyclone from Shadow Chronicles

Maia Sterling’s Shadow Fighter from The Shadow Chronicles (a movie I still haven’t gotten around to seeing)

A Beta Fighter (Yes, they really are going to sell these finally)

And an Alpha Fighter connected to a Beta Fighter.

While the New Generation stuff was cool, I never really liked NG as much as I enjoyed the Macross Saga. I mean, it’s better than the God-Awful Masters series, but it never really reached the levels of awesomeness that the Macross Saga achieved.

Which leads me to…

Oh fuck yeah. This is the shit right here. They’re going to be releasing the VF-1S from Do You Remember Love in the 1/100 scale. That might not mean much to the snobs out there who scoff at the size and quality of the 1/100 series but to those of us who can’t afford to shell out the couple hundred for the Yamato 1/48 VF-1S from DYRL, this is about the most awesome news ever. I will definitely be buying this guy when he becomes available.

Toynami also had the 1/100 figures with the new strike packs or whatever they’re called on display.

They also had some pretty awesome dioramas:

So there you have it. If you’re a Robotech/Mospeda/Macross fan like Crazy Steve and myself you might appreciate these pics but if you don’t know Robotech from Genetech it might not mean too much to you.

And yes, there will be more SDCC pics from other booths and events to come. Unlike the jerk dad in Hook, I do keep my promises so my word won’t be a “junk bond” (great line in the movie, by the way).

As usual, click on the pics to see them larger and in a better resolution.


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