SDCC Day 3

I have to say that the panels I went to today were awesome and they really made the trip worth it. The Stargate SG1 Continuum panel was the most awesome thing of all-time and I’m not just kidding around or being sarcastic. Richard Dean Anderson rocked. He was incredibly funny and entertaining and was very O’Neillesque. Seeing Anderson in action really made me realize that O’neill is one of those rare characters that was modeled more on his respective actor’s personality than by a writer’s imagination. That made his participation in the panel really fun to watch. The other actors were really great as well. SG1 has just about the greatest cast you could ever get for a sci-fi series so the panel was an excellent experience for me overall. Definitely one of the best things I ever experienced at a convention. I bought my tickets to the con solely to see this panel so it was not a letdown.

Pics behind the cut!

So I was seated at the “halfway” point in the ballroom and the ballroom sits 4,500 hundred. So I definitely got the “medium” quality seats. That’s okay though because I was still able to see the actors really well and was able to get some good pics even though my “zoom in” close-up “anti-blur” setting made the quality of some of the pictures here and there a little grainy. So here are what I consider the best pics from the panel:

Ben Browder and Christopher Judge (click on pic to see it larger and in better resolution)

The cast getting ready to take a bow

It was great to see Christopher laugh and have a good time. He’s really a funny (and fun) guy to be around.

I will be adding more (I took like twenty or thirty more shots) pics of the SG1 panel later. I’d do it right now but I have to get up again in four or five hours.

The SG Atlantis panel, wasn’t as fantastic as the SG1 panel (but then again, what really could have topped that?) but it was still excellent. Here are some of my favorite pics I took:

Jewel Staite was every bit as cute, quirky, funny and down-to-earth as the characters she’s portrayed over the years.

Robert Picardo rocks. Very funny guy and just really entertaining.

While Sheppard isn’t necessarily my favorite character in the ‘Gate Universe, Joe Flannigan seemed really funny and cool.

I was also able to catch the Bones panel later in the afternoon. I’ve never really watched the series but I always loved David Boreanez (as a hero and not in a emo gay way of course) so seeing him in person was great. These pics were probably the grainiest of the ones I took but I still like them and I was just happy that I was able to zoom in so far considering how far away I was:

David Boreanaz was every bit as cool and as funny and as entertaining as I always thought he’d be.

So yeah, as I said, more pics from those panels are seriously going to be included in my next post or two.

Today was a decent enough day for toy finds as well. I found more or less one of the only remaining AC (Advent Children) Tiffa figures in the whole convention (and that’s seriously not a joke) and I bought Sephiroth as well. Again, those pics will be up soon.

So that’s all for now folks. Another update will be here tomorrow.

(Click on the pics to see them in their full size and better resolution).


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