SDCC bound…

That’s right I’m heading out to San Diego in five hours for the convention. I’ll try and post some updates and pics here and there as I go but that might not happen if I get too busy/sidetracked.

As far as exclusives go, I’ll buy the Aayla Secura if I see her but I’m not going to like, try and kill myself to get to the booth and buy one. Same goes for Nemesis Prime. If I’m around where he’s being sold and there’s still one to buy, I’ll get one. If not though? Well…that’s when I have to say “fuck that.” These days there aren’t any toys out there that are worth that kind of hassle.

Speaking of toys, I picked up Universe Prowl and Sunstreaker today. Prowl isn’t as crappy as I thought he’d be but he’s still nowhere near as beautiful as the prototype. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a more thorough review with pics later on.


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