…If you have to create a “how to fix it” guide right after the product you enjoy just got released, the product isn’t worth defending, isn’t it?

I’m just having a good laugh at all the idiots who had to run out and buy the new Transformers: Animated stuff the day it came out. Did they learn nothing about the horrible “quality control” issues the first wave of the movie line had?

See, this (news that the new toyline is pretty shitty after all) is crushing to me on one hand and really a major relief on the other because I’ll be able to save money this summer after all. And that’s a good thing considering I’m considering getting Medicom Bruce Lee, Sideshow Indy and the second wave of Stargate Atlantis figures.

I’m also going to the San Diego comic con and I’m going to shell out some big bucks for good seats when The Phantom of The Opera hits Seattle in September so…I’m grateful for Hasbro for sucking, for once. Thank goodness for cheap quality shit, eh?


2 comments on “Essentially…

  1. By some strange act of something and some apparently INCREDIBLE LUCK on my part I guess, I’ve gotten all of the Animated toy line so far, minus Grimlock, and they are fantastic.

    I love them and they have no real quality issues to speak of. Hell, none of them have even given me the fraction of grief that Movie Voyager Ironhide did with his insistence to NEVER stand up.

    I’m not complaining, but I guess I was really lucky so far reading about the problems people have had with these. It’s a shame that there seem to be so many QC problems with this line. If people had only the luck I did with the ones I’ve got.

  2. Yeah, it seems to be a 50/50 thing for the people on the boards who got them. I don’t know though, the whole “There’s a 50% chance that my toys might suck” thing just isn’t incentive enough to try to track these guys down. Flaws or not I’m DEFINITELY buying Ultra Magnus and the other two dinobots when they’re released.

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