Wow! This is the most awesome thing ever!!!!!!

Something you probably don’t know about me is that I love Sir-Mix-a-Lot. There’s no one better than Mix. I really don’t like modern rap but I love the old-school stuff from the time before rappers were rapping about things like being in gangs and killing people and drinking forties and things like that. And as a kid I really loved Sir-Mix-a-Lot because his rap was really comedic. I personally think Mix was intentionally going for the whole “So bad it’s Good” (or in his case, “So bad it’s Awesome”) thing back in the day. I have really fond memories of listening to his music on the way to the movies when I was a kid. My older brother, you see, had this friend Jason Finley who really loved Mix’s stuff. He had this really awesome surround sound system in his car so he’d blast Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s stuff all the time while we were heading out to see a movie or two. And what’s a better way to spend your time when you’re a kid in the early nineties? Going to a movie with Mix blasting and then going to Toys ‘R Us or Kaybees after that? Nothing can top that when you’re a kid.

But anyway…I really love Mix-a-Lot’s Iron Man song because the lyrics were just really cheesetastic, even for the time. I mean, he ACTUALLY HAS A LYRIC that goes like this: “Hate pet llamas, met Clint Eastwood slapped his momma!”

Errr…hate…pet…llamas? I mean, that’s the weirdest, goofiest rhyme I think I ever heard.

But yeah…I thought the song was great and then I saw…The Video!!!

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. For “early nineties nostalgia cheese” this is gold, Jerry, gold!

Nothing could ever be more awesome than the “Girlies in the house, watch your blouse” part of the video. Nothing.


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