So Many Geeky Things to Write about…

And, as the lame expression goes, so little time.

So I moved into my new place. I said I’d have some photos of the new place and I usually do what I say I’m going to do so they’ll show up here eventually. Probably.

I also went to the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and I felt that was worth blogging about here. This was my first ever comic convention but it was the second convention I’ve been to in my life (I went to a Star Trek Convention when I was in the fourth grade). Thankfully there weren’t as many freaky/creepy geek stereotypes there so I didn’t have to feel too weirded out (the full-on stereotypical “Comic Book Guy” kind of stereotypes just seriously freak me out for some reason and I’m really not kidding you there). The really cool thing about the convention was the fact that it gave me the opportunity to meet one of my heroes JMS (J. Michael Straczynski) and it gave me the chance to get a photo with Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy and Angel), one of my favorite actresses from the Buffyverse.

(More pics and info behind the cut)

Julie was really nice and down to earth and funny. I really enjoyed the Q & A panel with her this afternoon.

I got her to sign my Angel: The Casefiles book and I also got my Battlestar Galactica DVD set signed by Jamie Bamber (Apollo from said series).

I’m not really into Battlestar Galactica (even though I own the DVDs) but I figure I can sell the signed set if I end up still feeling indifferent about it after I’ve finally gotten around to seeing all four seasons on DVD (not sure if that all was grammatically correct or not). Anyway, the BG dude kind of seemed like an ass and I kind of got the feeling that he was in a hurry to get away from all the fanboys and BG geeks and was pretty much just there for the money but Julie Benz, as I said above, was really friendly and approachable so I was glad I got the chance to meet her and it was cool to see that she was a bit of a “Buffy Geek” herself.

I also got some really cool autographs and comics.

This is my Holy Grail of signed stuff, my copy of Spider-Man: The Other signed by JMS:

JMS was a little more quiet and soft-spoken than I thought he’d be but he was still really nice and it was an honor to meet the man who wrote one of the greatest Televison series of all-time (Babylon 5).

I also got a photo with a couple of hot local models promoting the Grimm Fairy Tales comic series.

I basically think that series is little more than soft-core porn masquerading as a legit series but I didn’t have the jerkish heart to tell the models that. I actually thought about hitting on/picking up on the cute French Maid girl but I figured she’s probably been hit on all afternoon by greasy fanboys and it’s my life’s mission to distance myself from the greasy fanboy stereotypes as much as I can.

The best part of the whole weekend, in my honest opinion, was picking up what consider my two “Holy Grail” comic books: Uncanny X-Men issues#133 and #137.

X-Men#133 and #137, for those of you who are unaware, are, in my opinion, the greatest issues in the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga. The cove of issue #133 features one of the most redrawn Wolverine covers
ever and it also features what Wizard Magazine considers one of Wolverine’s top ten greatest moments ever: the epic battle where Wolverine pretty much dismantles most of the Hellfire Club by himself (Wolverine pretty much runs through most of the Hellfire Club in this issue and really starts to become the against-all-odds scraper/badass that he is today for the first time). Issue #137 features one of the most famous moments in the history of Marvel comics: the (first) death of Jean Grey. This issue is one of the most reprinted issues of the X-Men ever and it’s great to hold a piece of fuckin’ history in my hands even though it’s not in the best of shape (it was $25 in “Very Fine” condition at a Vendor’s table (the cover’s kind of beaten up) which isn’t too bad when you consider a Mint/Near Mint version will cost you $60-$80). I also got a bunch of Ghost Rider comics from the 90s as well as some West Coast Avengers comics. West Coast Avengers/Avengers West Coast, for those of you who don’t know, is one of my favorite comics from the 80s and 90s. Back in it’s day it was better than the Avengers and it, surprisingly enough, had most of the A list Avengers in the group (Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, The Vision) while Avengers, interestingly enough, had, with the exception of Thor and Cap, the B Team guys.

I really loved the West Coast Avengers and the whole “Ultron battles the team and Hawkeye becomes Giant Man for a while” arc So I’m glad to have the WCA backissues that I had back in the early 90s when Costco was still selling the twenty packs of comics (the good old days).

So all in all it was a good weekend for crack of the paper variety. I’ll write a little more about this weekend in the near future.


2 comments on “So Many Geeky Things to Write about…

  1. Julie Benz has really been fantastic on Dexter as well. Beautiful and talented.

    And JMS is the man! His run on Thor right now is one of the few books I await excitedly every month. Need I even mention how bad ass his Silver Surfer: Requiem was.

  2. I’ll have to check out Straczynski’s Thor the next time I’m at my local comic store. I imagine it’s pretty good seeing as how his work on Amazing Spider-Man was badass. I don’t care what anyone else says, I really liked stuff like Spider-Man: The Other and I think the “Goblin Children” storyline would have been really good as well had JMS been allowed to have the Goblin kids be Peter’s kids after all. Damn Quesada.

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