Okay…well…that’s a little better…I…suppose…

Seibertron.com has some images of the Transormers Universe/Classics Prowl.

While he truly doesn’t live up to the awesome promo photo he’s better than the crapperiffic photos that were released a while back. As cool as he looks though:

I’m still reminded of how lackluster he looks once compared to the initial photos that were released a couple months ago.

I guess he’s still pretty much the most accurate G1 Prowl we’re going to see though so I’ll still buy him
when he’s released but I still can’t forget or forgive Hasbro for what could have been. Oh well. At least he’s more accurate than Jean Chaps Prowl.


2 comments on “Okay…well…that’s a little better…I…suppose…

  1. A sore spot for me, as it has been for a while with newer Transformer car alt. modes, is this:

    Would it KILL Hasbro/Takara to use that fake rubberized plastic for the tires like they did on G1 and Alternator/Binaltechs???

    It remains a burning question to me.

  2. Yeah, I noticed those tires as well. While he will be about the most G1 accurate Prowl (for his robot form) I think the lack of better paint aps and detail will just make him look maybe a little better than a World’s Smallest Transformer.
    Sunstreaker, on the other hand, looks all kinds of awesome. He’s just as good as the prototype pictures.

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