Do you have a laptop? If so, do you ever have the keys stick? Well I’m going to do something nice for you here out of the kindness of my heart and give you some advice: Taking the spacebar out to clean it is probably not the greatest idea in the world.

I took the spacebar off of my laptop because I thought I could clean out the crap under the key that was causing it to stick. I’ve done it before with the other keys on my computer and I never had a problem snapping the keys back into place so I thought I could do that and things would be cool. So what happens when I unsnap the spacebar? I hear a snap when I unsnap the key but the snapping sound is a little more horrific like something just broke. So I basically end up with the key looking like this:

So I try to put the pieces back together and I realize that the bigger “white piece” has a broken tab and that my damn hands are too big to try to put everything back together again so I say “fuck it” and I decide to take it into the Geek Squad over at the Best Buy and see if I can get it repaired. I figure “They’ll easily fix it but they’ll probably give me an insane bill.”

So I begrudgingly take the pieces and the laptop over to Best Buy and they say “No, we can’t fix it here. We can send it to the manufacturers though.”

And here’s the thing: to replace the key they’d have to replace the keyboard and that would be $200-$300. So I just say “That would be too big of a pain in the ass” so I get an external keyboard. I buy a small flat Apple keyboard so I can still have room on my lap for the laptop and the keyboard and it’s cool but it’s really uncomfortable and it just pisses me off. So… yeah. Don’t do what I did folks.

It would be nice if I could just turn off the laptop keyboard and put the flat keyboard over that but apparently I can’t. I can try to take out the keyboard but somehow I get the feeling that would be a major pain in the ass and possibly fuck up my computer so I guess I’m just going to have to deal with being a little uncomfortable from time to time now if I want to actually have my laptop be a laptop.

What does this have to do with toy collecting, you might ask? Absolutely nothing. I just felt like venting and getting a little off-topic as I frequently do.


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