Cliffjumper! Cliffjumper! As the Good Lord as my Witness…It’s Cliffjumper!!!

So we went to see Run Fat Boy Run tonight and then we hit the local comic book store after that. I was looking for some Stargate figures and I noticed they had what is, for me, the Holy Grail of Transformers movie toys in a lonely open box sitting off in a corner.

That’s right, I found All-Spark Cliffjumper. Now, I’m not an idiot here. I’m smart enough to realize he’s just a repaint of the ’09 Camaro but that doesn’t matter to me because he’s a repaint made to resemble one of the most awesome Transformers characters of all-time. I (and I’m sure I said this a couple times before) normally hate repaints but I really love repaints when they’re made to resemble awesome Autobots like Ultra Magnus and Cliffjumper.




I can almost hear Kasem as I look the toy over: “You callin’ me a repaint, punk?” Let me at ’em Prime!”

And Cliffjumper is probably my my favorite character in the Transformers universe next to Ultra Magnus, Ironhide and Megatron (G1 Megatron). He’s the surlier and more kick-ass Bumblebee if you ask me (Cliffjumper and Bumblebee transformed into different vehicles in the G1 cartoon but their robot forms where nearly identical). I always loved his kick-ass got more guts than brains attitude and it’s just hilarious how he could just pull out a giant gun out of nowhere and then still manage to miss Megatron regardless of the fact THAT HE HAD A SCOPE

I also thought that Casey Kasem did an awesome job with the voice acting so I think that added to Cliffy’s awesomeness. He sounded like a pussy when he did Shaggy and Robin but he somehow managed to make Cliffjumper sound like a major badass. Not as big of a bad-ass as Cullen’s Prime or Welker’s Megatron but it was a really cool tone for the little bot nonetheless.

Anyway, expect some more detailed photos of Cliffjumper in the future. While I doubt I’ll do a full on review, I will definitely make a gallery page for him because he really is one of the better movie toys even if he is just a repaint.

By the way, if you can tell me which overexcited (and over the top) announcer I make fun of in the titles of most of my posts I will give you the Sean No-Prize.


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